By Mark McConville


WATCH THE shocking footage of men being strangled until they pass out in a bid to pass a test known as Russian Berserker.

The crazy clip begins with two men pulling on what looks like an elasticised band as it tightens around another man’s neck and he passes out before getting up a few seconds later.

Mediadrumimages / Valery Eschenko

The video continues with a bald man who fails the test twice as he resists and doesn’t allow himself to be choked out using the band.

The test is the brainchild of Russian Valery Eschenko who was in the news previously with a Russian roulette game that used tasers.

“This test is called Russian Berserker,” he said.

“All newcomers must pass it to enter the Fight Club. The newcomer should ‘die’ and ‘resurrect’ three times.

Mediadrumimages / Valery Eschenko

“If he starts to resist and grab the belt, then he did not pass the test and his membership is denied. If a person passes this test three times then he is not afraid of death.

“We’ve tested 108 people and passed 44. In the video the bald guy failed and the other one passed.

“During the test people find themselves “on the other side” and although it is only few seconds it feels like a few years there. It feels that you are there for a lifetime.

“Afterwards they are no longer afraid of death and any concerns. Nobody has been hurt and we only test people from 18-40 years of age after a medical examination.”

Mediadrumimages / Valery Eschenko

Responding to comments that this test is stupid and reckless, Eschenko was insistent that it was safe and had a message for any critics.

“The message for those who think this is stupid and reckless is that they are very afraid of death and not enough life,” he added.

“They’re afraid of life too. Let them play ping-pong for now but they’ll have to die someday too.”