By Liana Jacob


MEET THE former food addict couple who have collectively lost nearly SEVENTEEN STONE despite still EATING SIX TIMES A DAY and say their sex life is LIMITLESS because of it.

Business owners, Corey (30) and Marie Martin (32) from North Carolina, USA, admit that they were addicted to food and would consume copious amounts of it for comfort.

Their bad habits resulted in their weights increasing to 19st 2Ib, with Corey being a shirt size XXL and Marie being a UK size 26. They both felt uncomfortable in their own skin and hated shopping; Corey would avoid going to a beach without a shirt on.

Marie and Corey pictured before their transformation. MDWfeatures / Corey and Marie Martin

In 2014, Marie was told by a doctor that if she didn’t improve her health, she wouldn’t live to see 30, which shocked her into making a drastic change. She turned her whole lifestyle upside down, but still managed to fit in six meals a day as part of her diet. Marie is now 9st 9Ibs and UK size six to eight.

Her new outlook on her health and the dramatic change her body went through then encouraged her husband, Corey, to change his lifestyle too. Corey is now a healthy size at 12st 2Ibs and shirt size small to medium.

Corey and Marie, who are also parents to their daughter, Avalee (2), now both encourage each other when exercising and hold each other accountable.

Their relationship has since strengthened; they feel more energetic with their active daughter and while they say their sex life has always been ‘amazing’, their weight loss has allowed them to explore each other in a deeper sense and they now feel limitless in the bedroom.

“Corey struggled most of his life and I struggled throughout college and after. Neither of us were comfortable in our own skin,” Marie said.

“We had bad eating habits and an addiction to food for comfort. I hated shopping. Corey wouldn’t take his shirt off at the beach. We were very miserable and had no energy to do anything.

Marie and Corey pictured at their wedding before their weight loss. MDWfeatures / Corey and Marie Martin

“I was told by a doctor that if I didn’t get my health under control, I might not live to see thirty. I was tired of trying and failing but I knew something had to change.

“I ate (and still do eat) six times a day and drink half my body weight in oz. I leaned into an amazing community of people who supported me and wouldn’t let me make excuses or give up.

“I learned new habits to replace the old ones to make this a lifestyle change. This wasn’t a quick fix for me but a year long process of becoming the best version of myself possible.

“Realising getting healthy is possible and seeing how good I felt, Corey wanted that too. We feel amazing but more than that humbled to walk this journey with so many other people.

“Our marriage has never been more amazing, and sex was always awesome but it’s allowed us to explore each other in a deeper way because we aren’t worried about limitations or feeling uncomfortable.”

While they continue to eat six times a day, they have altered their diet to be healthy and homemade and have been going to the gym two to three times a week.

Their diet before would consist of the same meals with snacks included namely; pizza, burgers, take aways, sweets and chips and would roughly consume 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day each.

Marie pictured looking fit after her lifestyle change. MDWfeatures / Corey and Marie Martin

Now they have structured their meals, only focusing on healthy food; for breakfast they would have oatmeal or cereal, an hour an a half later they would snack on a fruit smoothie with Greek yoghurt. At noon they would have a small salad with eggs and chicken, then at 2:30pm they would have vegetables with light ranch sauce. Their fifth meal would consist of lean and greens and at 7:30pm they would have a chocolate chip cookie or brownie as a snack.

Their new-found confidence has improved their relationship and Marie says that they help each other stick with their commitment to keep fit.

“We keep each other accountable; cook together and coach together. We’ve always been open, but we are more authentic now,” she said.

“We do more together than just watch TV; we encourage each other in our goals and hold each other accountable. It’s created a desire to not just have a good relationship but a great one.

“Our program uses science and nutrition hand in hand to give you everything your body needs to burn fat and feel amazing.

“There are no counting calories or major food prep. We don’t starve because we are getting high protein.

“Also, we offer coaching along with the tools you need for long term success. This isn’t a diet but a complete lifestyle change.

“My whole life is different; my relationship with my body is incredible and I’ve learned to use food as fuel and not entertainment.

A trimmer looking Marie and Corey. MDWfeatures / Corey and Marie Martin

“I have tons of energy and enjoy being active because I don’t hurt or feel self-conscience and my mind has been freed from the negative self-talk that took over a majority of my thoughts.

“The hardest part is the mental game; having to choose what would further our health goals instead of what we wanted in the moment. Making your health a priority is hard and that’s why so many people fail.

“My advice is to begin making small changes; incorporate one to two micro habits every two weeks until you’ve mastered them and then work on another area.

“If you try to conquer every single area that needs work it becomes too overwhelming and exhausting. You’ll feel defeated. Take it a day at a time.

“Surround yourself with like-minded people who are health minded and want the same things you do out of life.

“Lastly, go find someone who’s done what you want to do and ask them to coach you. I think accepting help and coaching is such a vital piece of the puzzle.”