Mediadrumimages / The Elusive

By Mark McConville


PEEK INSIDE the once-beautiful British family home known as Rose Cottage that now lies abandoned and unloved.

Eerie images show how the house was abandoned with all the possessions left behind including an old British passport, a diary and scrapbook from the 1950s and old women’s magazines.

Mediadrumimages / The Elusive

Other striking shots show a greenhouse filled with forgotten furniture, family photographs and a mattress that was being used by a squatter.

The stunning photographs show the abandoned remains of Rose Cottage in Shropshire, UK and were taken by an urban explorer known as The Elusive.

“A friend had found this house while they were driving around so we decided to have a closer look,” they said.

Mediadrumimages / The Elusive

“What you can see in my images is a house that was clearly a family home, from the older generation as there were objects in this house that were older than me, including someone’s photo diary of a holiday to Amsterdam in the 50’s.

“All the windows were boarded there was no light in this house at all, there also wasn’t enough space to use a tripod either.

“The first time I went there the upstairs bedroom that was stripped of possessions and just had a bed and two trays of Ferrero Rocher when I tried to return a second time the squatter was there.

Mediadrumimages / The Elusive

“All the possessions had been rifled through and then thrown all over the floors and trodden on and I didn’t go upstairs where the squatter was as I had no idea who he was or how I would be received.”

The Elusive also explained why they love exploring abandoned places such as this.

“Capturing what’s left is one of my favourite things to do, this house made me sad as it was clear by the furniture and possessions that the owners liked nice things,” they said.

Mediadrumimages / The Elusive

“I struggled with the idea that all of this stuff was just left; where were the children from the wedding photographs or other family members?

“I’m sure if there was anyone left they would be none too pleased to know there’s a squatter there and see what’s become of this house.”