HUNGARY: Pulling the bed down transforms the hwole apartment into a master bedroom. Mediadrumimages/Dávid Kis/MÁS

By Alex Jones


AN INNOVATIVE space-saving apartment manages to fit every room in your house into a space the size of two car parking spots.

The striking minimalist flat, measuring just 377 square feet (35m²), cleverly contains a living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom.

Eye-catching photos show how a seemingly empty space can be transformed into a cosy sleeping space, an area for entertaining guests, or a well-appointed cooking area by simply opening or closing a few hatches.

HUNGARY: Despite houses numerous ‘rooms’, the mina living area feels surprisingly spacious. Mediadrumimages/Dávid Kis/MÁS

The work can be completed for under £20,000, a reasonable rate considering the prices of some city centre properties.

The Zero-Room Apartment has been designed by Hungarian Architect Studio MÁS, a husband and wife team based in Budapest.

“Creating a really tiny flat is always a challenge,” explained archtecits Bálint Gulyás and Orsolya Mészáros.

HUNGARY: The bathroom/showerroom is set aside whilst all the other ‘rooms’ are set in the main space. Mediadrumimages/Dávid Kis/MÁS

“However, checking the continuously increasing real estate prices there is a really big need for bringing out the most of all square meters and create great living conditions even in the smallest places.

“The main concept of the zero-room apartment was to totally rethink a former traditional flat with only 35m². To create the largest spaces possible, all the interior walls were demolished. The closed, complementary functions – such as the bathroom, the toilet and a really small mechanical room – are located along the entrance, while everything else is in the spacious ’main’ room. Since the main room serves as kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom, the furnishing played a particularly important role.”

One of the biggest challenges the team faced was making sure the living space didn’t look cluttered.

HUNGARY: A bird’s eye view of the bold architectural design. Mediadrumimages/Dávid Kis/MÁS

“Since the ’mess’ and the interference of different functions put in one space had to be avoided, a mobile, variable furnishing was created, where most of the elements can be hidden,” continued the MÁS designers.

“The main goal was to create a totally functional apartment, that can be easily converted into an ordered work of art by closing some doors.

“To hide or unhide the everyday mess of a kitchen or a wardrobe, special opening-sliding doors were used on the furniture. This way the main functions of a flat can be separated  – closing the kitchen doors/hiding the bed -, and you can enjoy the benefits of having a spacious living/working/dining room.

“The zero-room apartment is a first attempt at giving a solution for great and comfortable ‘roomless living’.”