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By Timmy Odejimi


UNNERVING pictures have offered a glimpse into a family home frozen in time throughout the years after it was deserted.

The eerie images display what appears to be a lifeless house abandoned five years ago and filled with personal and sentimental possessions such as family albums. Other pictures show the intact state of the time capsule house, from a living room featuring a dusty grand piano to an untouched kitchen, a very untidy and enclosed bedroom, and a lounge filled with children’s toys.

Abandoned Southeast / mediadrumworld.com

These ghostly pictures were captured in the south east of America, by urban explorer, Abandoned Southeast (32) on a Canon DSLR with Tamron wide angle lens.

“This is what I call a “time capsule” home, since almost everything is left inside except for the people,” said the urban explorer.

“Everything is exactly like the homeowner left it five years ago – which is both very spooky and intriguing.

Abandoned Southeast / mediadrumworld.com

“When roaming around the house, it’s quite hard to see the cobwebs and dust but other than that the house itself was pretty much undisturbed.”

Despite being abandoned only five years ago, the valuables, such as the analogue television, and décor of the house suggest it was built in the 1970s and the owner had not bought any new or modern items.

Abandoned Southeast / mediadrumworld.com

According to the urban explorer, the house is thought to have been owned by a woman with children who rented the upstairs room of the house for extra income.

“From my observations and gathering, a woman lived here and may have rented out the upstairs rooms as a boarding house or bed and breakfast,” said the urban explorer.

Abandoned Southeast / mediadrumworld.com

“These pictures give a look at what objects are like after people have abandoned them.

“A calendar in the house is dated December 2012 which suggests that is the last time a resident lived there.”