Singapore is one of the best travel destinations in Asia. The state has been focusing on transforming various places to create exotic tourist destinations. One such place includes the Marina Bay Sands. If you are planning to visit Singapore, this should be your number one destination to enjoy luxurious hotels, restaurants, bars and many other attractions that would interest a traveler. Here is everything that you need to know about Marina Bay Sands.



The Location

Marina Bay Sands is strategically located in the heart of Singapore and only a few minutes away from Changi International Airport. It can be entered through 10 Bayfront Avenue in Singapore. This strategic avenue can be accessed from two sides by using the major expressways. There is also a landing site for helicopters if this is your favorite means of transport.

Where to Shop

The complex offers an amazing shopping experience for both locals and tourists. Those who love visiting numerous designer shops concentrated in one place should visit the Marina Bay Sands area. Marina Square, The Shoppes and Esplanade Mall are some of the best areas you can visit for excellent shopping. Ensure that you have enough money to buy clothes, jewelry and many other items of your choice in these shopping malls.


Things to See and Do

One of the main reasons the complex was built is to attract visitors who want to enjoy themselves. Therefore, you will find various attractions suited to couples, families and even individual travelers. The first attraction that amuses most people who come here is the Gardens by the Bay. It hosts large man-made trees with gardens growing on them and greenhouses with amazing plant life. In fact, according to One Visa immigration agency, this is one area where many people traveling to Singapore spend their first days when they arrive. Other areas include the Esplanade Theatres, ArtScience Museum, casinos and many other options.

Accommodations and Eateries

As you visit Singapore, you could opt to stay in one of the hotels at Marina Bay Sands and enjoy what it has to offer. All the hotels in this area have world-class standards because they expect to host both business and leisure travelers. Some of them are The Westin Singapore, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Pan Pacific Singapore and many others. The complex also hosts dozens of restaurants and fast food outlets to feed the large number of visitors looking for meals. If you happen to be here at night, the club life is amazing.


The Cost

After mentioning all this, you will agree that enjoying life in the Marina Bay Sands area is not so cheap. However, it all depends on what you decide to do, starting with the means of transport to the place you will stay. Some areas like the Gardens by the Bay are the biggest cost savers, especially when traveling with the family. Luxury hotels, designer fashion shops and expensive clubs are the common areas you will spend more. It is, therefore, important to plan thoroughly before the tour begins.