Abbie pictured after her weight loss (2). Abbie Cox / MDWfeatures

By Liana Jacob


MEET the stunning mum-of-two who was motivated to shed SIX-AND-A-HALF-STONE in just under a year when she fell pregnant with her first child.

Stay-at-home-mum-of-two, Abbie Cox (28), from Tamworth, UK, first gained weight when she fell pregnant with her son, Tommy (5) in 2012 with an unhealthy diet of sugary cereal for breakfast, processed meals and junk food.

Abbie pictured with her son Tommy before her weight loss. Abbie Cox / MDWfeatures

Her weight peaked at 18st and she was a UK size 18 to 20, which prompted a woman to call her ‘fat’ in front of her friend. Her weight made her feel insecure and she dreaded shopping and trying on clothes.

It wasn’t until her mum encouraged her consistently to lose weight that she gave in and decided to join Slimming World. A month after she joined, she fell pregnant with her second child, Marley (10-months-old) in 2017. She shrunk to 11st 6Ibs and a UK size 10 to 12.

“I had gained five-stone during my first pregnancy in 2012. My everyday diet was very unhealthy, I didn’t eat much fruit or vegetables and had takeaways quite often,” Abbie said.

Abbie pictured before her weight loss with her son, Tommy, when he was a baby. Abbie Cox / MDWfeatures

“My weight yo-yoed between then and my second pregnancy in 2017 due to fad diets that were only temporarily successful.

“I felt very insecure; I dreaded shopping for clothes because I felt like nothing looked good on me. My girlfriends are all very slim and I just felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb.

“My eldest son would always want me and his father to run around with him as he is a very active child, and I just couldn’t do it for very long and I felt terrible for it.

“I didn’t receive many negative comments, although one elderly lady once said (about me), ‘She’s a size, isn’t she?’.

Abbie pictured after her weight loss (4). Abbie Cox / MDWfeatures

“Whilst describing someone else to me, the same lady also said, ‘She’s as fat as you are’. I felt quite angry that she didn’t have a filter, and then instantly embarrassed as I was stood next to a friend when she said this.

“After years of badgering from my mum, I finally gave in and joined Slimming World in March 2017 as I’d just had enough of how I looked and felt.

“A month later, I discovered I was pregnant and tried to continue to food optimise but my morning sickness could only be soothed by ham sandwiches and yogurts.

“Two weeks after having my youngest son, I walked back through the doors and re-joined Slimming World.”

Slimming World helped Abbie optimise her food in a way that she felt comfortable, allowing her to eat what she wanted without putting on the weight.

Her breakfast meal now consists of oat pancakes and strawberries, she eats chilli chicken skewers, butternut squash chips and salad for lunch and a bacon, lettuce and pepper sandwich with salad for dinner.

Abbie pictured after her weight loss with her sons; Marley (on the left) and Tommy (on the right). Abbie Cox / MDWfeatures

“By food optimising, Slimming World allows you to continue to eat your favourite foods and provide delicious alternatives to takeaways,” Abbie said.

“You can eat out at restaurants and still be on plan. It’s very easy to follow and has changed my outlook on food.

“Losing weight has changed my life. I feel so much more confident now, much more energetic and I’m always buying new clothes that fit my smaller frame.

“I feel like my old self again, which is what I’ve wanted for the past six years. I never used to eat fruit and vegetables and now I eat so many on a daily basis.

Abbie pictured after her weight loss with her sons; Tommy (in the front) and Marley (who she is holding). Abbie Cox / MDWfeatures

“I don’t necessarily portion control, but I ensure that the majority of food on my plate is protein or vegetables. I have yet to start exercising.

“I thought my weight loss would plateau and exercise would help to boost it, but I’ve managed to lose all this weight on just food optimising.

“People have this amazingly shocked expression on their faces and tell me they didn’t recognise me. I encourage others to join their local Slimming World group. Stick with it one-hundred percent and you’ll soon see some results.”


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