CZECH REPUBLIC: Eámanë feels at one with nature ever since realising she's connected to elves. MDWfeatures / Eámanë Ringëril

By Rebecca Drew


MEET THE woman who identifies as an ELVEN PRINCESS after she grew up feeling different from society and struggled with depression but the birth of her three-year-old daughter made her realise and embrace her true elf self.

Artist and elven princess, Veronika Suchá (32) also known by her elven name, Eámanë Rengeir Ringëril, from Czech Republic, had a difficult childhood where she was bullied by her peers for being different. It was during this time that Eámanë started to believe that maybe she was different in a deeper, more spiritual sense.

MDWfeatures / Eámanë Ringëril

Going into early adulthood, Eámanë struggled with depression and even planned three suicide attempts that thankfully she never went through with. After opening up about her mental health, Eámanë decided to take a break from social media, dating websites and changed her phone number and found a new job through which she met her boyfriend, who she describes as her saviour and her life started to change for the better.

In 2014 Eámanë gave birth to her daughter and just one month later she realised her true self and realised that she was different despite having a human body. Ever since this realisation, Eámanë noticed that she looked different and that she could feel different energies, access memories of a previous life and connect with nature, something she couldn’t do before.

Eámanë uses her elven magic to create beautiful items of jewellery, perfumes and art that have all been inspired by nature. Since coming out as an elf, Eámanë feels safe and secure in herself whereas before she felt lost in life.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Eámanë credits the birth of her daughter for helping her see her true self. MDWfeatures / Eámanë Ringëril

“My childhood was very tough. I was raised by grandmothers and grandfathers mainly. In primary and secondary school, I was bullied by other children. It wasn’t a nice period and since this I started to notice that I probably really was different,” said Eámanë.

“Nobody ever understood me, but they probably didn’t want to understand. I asked myself often during periods of difficult depression, ‘who am I?’

“Thanks to my childhood, I hadn’t registered my depression, it periodically rose and fell like I was on a roller coaster. I didn’t even know what depression was, that it’s a serious illness and it must be shared with family and friends to get better.

“Then one day, I told myself that it was time to change my life. So, I deleted my Facebook profile, my dating websites, my phone number and I stayed alone just with myself. In this time, I found a new job and there I met my boyfriend.  My saviour, the love of my life. Then I realised that I was pregnant.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Eámanë feels at one with nature ever since realising she’s connected to elves. MDWfeatures / Eámanë Ringëril

“Since the birth of my little princess, I became someone totally different. I stopped smoking and drinking when I was pregnant and after the birth I started exercising and became vegetarian.

“One day, when she was just one month old, I looked at her eyes and they melted my heart to the bottom. I saw the whole amazing universal energy and pure love in her little smiley eyes.

“Since this time I started realising that I look different and feel energies. I started to have visions and memories of my past life and then one evening I was looking into the mirror and saw myself, my heart, my deep soul. I saw an elf.

“I began to have dreams, visions and memories of my life with elves. I saw my loving elven mother from the distant past smiling at me. I saw where I went to relax and sing in the forest, what I ate, what I drank, that I had a forbidden secret love and I cared for the animals in the woods, I liked to talk about wisdom with the wiser elders and so on.

“I love nature and I am connected to it. My nearby forest is healing me emotionally and there I can relax, I have nice ideas and from time to time meet other natural entities from other spheres that normal people usually don’t see or feel. I see myself in the mirror and I don’t see a human, I see a very happy and loving elven entity.”

CZECH REPUBLIC: Eámanë feels at one with nature ever since realising she’s connected to elves. MDWfeatures / Eámanë Ringëril

Now Eámanë believes her struggles with depression have helped her find meaning in her life and that she has grown to not care what other people think of her.

She shares her elven adventures on Instagram, where she also showcases her incredible artistic creations.

“It was a very hard and long journey to the deep darkness of my soul. It was painful and I did spend a lot of time all by myself. I believe that this kind of very sad experience were there for me to achieve the knowledge and meaning of life,” she said.

“It’s not important what others think about you because they don’t live your life. Only you do so, live it in the best way you can and be happy for every simple nice thing that has happened to you and be grateful for any bad experiences because you’re gaining wisdom and peace.

MDWfeatures / Eámanë Ringëril

“When I am making something, I put all of myself and love in to create it. It’s pure, it’s beautiful and you can feel the whole lovely energy from nature and the universe circling around the jewellery, natural perfumes and incense.

“Be yourself, feel your inner needs and fill them up. You can do whatever you wish, you can feel and see whatever you imagine.

“It’s your life that you received from nature as a gift so don’t leave others to live it otherwise you will never be happy.”

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