By Mark McConville


A BRITISH company has released a remarkable flat-pack treehouse that can be set up almost anywhere, allowing you to glamp in the most challenging terrain from just £26k.

Incredible images show the cylinder-like cabin set up in a snowy forest, in sunny woods and perched high up the mountains.

Mediadrumimages / TTI


Other stunning shots show the surprisingly spacious interior with bunk beds providing ample sleeping space, a large window allowing the cabin to be filled with natural light and enough space to relax and enjoy a meal.

The Fuselage is the latest original structure to come out of Tree Tents International’s (TTI) workshop in the Sussex South Downs. It is available from £26k plus VAT and installation costs.

“The Fuselage provides a homely refuge for lovers of the outdoors,” said the company.

“Measuring 3x5m, the interior design is resolved to maximise space. With a watchful eye on the proportions of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the Fuselage creates the impression of space in the interior with adaptable furniture, which maintains the minimalist feel.

Mediadrumimages / TTI

“The elegant aluminium outer skin encases its precision-engineered modular wooden and aluminium frame and creates a watertight shell that beautifully reflects the colours and movement of the woodland that surrounds it.

“As you enter The Fuselage the sensory experience of being immersed in woodland follows you over the threshold. The wooden interior and calming warmth of the wood stove creates a homely space and huge windows are a recognition that the natural vistas are the best wall decoration of all.”

Mediadrumimages / Viggo Lundberg

TTI worked out that by making their structures flat-pack they could be ‘greener’ in manufacturing, transportation and construction, minimising impact to the surrounding ecology on site.

“By assembling the structure from kit form means it’s easy to replace and repair parts of the Fuselage should they become damaged,” added TTI.

“But especially important to the team was the fact that its pre-assembled parts can be easily carried to hard-to-reach areas and slot together quickly and simply.

“The Fuselage can withstand the most challenging of natural environments. From steep mountain sides to the water’s edge, the stilted feet can be adapted to suit whatever slope and terrain it stands on, allowing it to be placed in the perfect position within the individual landscape.

“Its heavily insulated triple-layered walls, low-voltage radiant heating, micro woodstove and solar panels, makes the Fuselage capable of withstanding harsher climates than many alternative structures.”

Mediadrumimages / TTI

The global tourism industry is rapidly expanding. In Europe over the last three years the ‘glamping’ sector has increased its share of holiday destinations by 30 per cent.

While the danger of perceiving these outdoors structures to be short-term can lead to building quality being lower, TTI claim that Fuselage is built to last.

“The Tree Tents International team are keen advocates of the circular economy; designing products that are built to last and that are easily maintained and reusable and minimizing waste and emissions, as opposed to the conventional ‘take, make, dispose’ model of production,” said TTI.

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“From start to finish of the manufacturing process, the Fuselage is inspired by nature and has been designed to adapt to it rather than defy it.

“It is made from locally-sourced, recyclable materials and can either be suspended from trees or mounted on stilted feet, which obviates the need for large foundations. In addition, waste from the manufacturing process is used to make camping accessories, from stools to rucksacks.”