MDWfeatures / Simona Senauskaite

By Rebecca Drew


THIS STUNNING woman is SIX-FOOT-FOUR-INCHES tall and says she would never want to be shorter because she loves the attention her height gets from men.

Nail technician, Simona Senauskaite (30) from Peterborough, UK, grew up in a tall family so she always felt like she fitted in growing up. It wasn’t until she was 16 that she started to notice that she was taller than everyone at school, which didn’t bother her.

MDWfeatures / Simona Senauskaite

Despite this, Simona who was born in Lithuania, found that she was heckled for her height in college with girls asking her if she had to pay more for her clothes because of her tallness to which a confident Simona would just brush off.

When she’s out and about, six-foot-four Simona makes sure she is always wearing a killer smile and is always showered with compliments from both men and women who are awestruck by her supermodel height and slender legs. Women are envious of her, wishing they were as tall as her, with men desperate for her attention, smiling and waving and verbally admiring her as she walks by, which is something she loves.

Incredible pictures show Simona fully embracing her height on the beach, in the street and wearing heels to make her even taller.

MDWfeatures / Simona Senauskaite

Simona wants to inspire other people to embrace their looks and show them it’s good to stand out, she spoke about why she’s always embraced her height.

“I have never felt different because of my height. I became taller than others when I was 16 years old. It was then that I started to notice that I looked taller than many others, but even then, nobody cared about how tall I was,” she said.

“At college, I received negative comments about my height, there was one girl who did not like me, she was shorter than me.

“She tried to joke about me to others in the canteen by asking me if they made me pay more for my clothes when I go shopping. I replied saying she doesn’t pay less for hers because she’s already paying for half of my longer clothes, to which she never said anything to me again.

MDWfeatures / Simona Senauskaite

“I would never change myself to be shorter than I am. I look amazing in long dresses, skirts and heels, I can see movies at the cinema when somebody is in front of me, I can reach the top shelf, I do not need a chair to get my lightbulbs changed in the ceiling and I like to think that I can get fresher air.

“Because I am so happy about being tall and always walking with a confident smile, people aren’t really negative about my height.

“Females are like; ‘oh my God, you look gorgeous, I am so jealous of you’, and; ‘wow, I would like to be as tall as you, you look amazing’, which is amazing.

MDWfeatures / Simona Senauskaite

“Males are always trying to get my attention, they smile, they wave, they try to chit chat with me or just drop me a compliment in the street as I walk by. I love that.”

Simona shares pictures on Instagram that celebrate being taller than average. She shared her words of advice to others who might be less confident about their appearance than her.

“Ever since I realised that I am taller, I loved it. When people started to notice the same and when I started to get compliments, it made me feel truly unique,” she said.

MDWfeatures / Simona Senauskaite

“Never feel bad because of who you are. God made you that way because he thought you deserved to be amazing, and you are.

“Remember, your confidence is the main key in being happy with your height and making others feel the same way about you.”