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By Liana Jacob


MEET THE couple with a THIRTY-FIVE YEAR AGE GAP who fell in love after meeting at an erotic photo shoot and have been together for one-and-a-half-years despite being called ‘perverted’.

Erotic model, Lou Nesbit (20), met porn actor, Egon Kowalski (56), from Ruhr, Germany, during a photo shoot three years ago, and were instantly attracted to each other.

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While Lou has always been comfortable with their age gap, Egon was slightly sceptical at first, but they officially began dating in August 2017.

Their common interests and sense of humour meant that their age gap wasn’t an issue and their families were accepting of their relationship.

They have defied trolls on social media who have branded them ‘perverted’, insisting that their love is not real, and that Lou is just in the relationship for sex and money.

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“We met at a porn shoot where we were also very much physically active together. There were still several people around us so those who held the camera, so it was not a typical first-get-to-know environment,” Lou said.

“I fell in love with him this year because he was somehow similar to me. We have a similar sense of humour and can talk about everything.

“I love his humour, his charisma and the way he is always there for me when I need him, that we can talk about everything.

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“One of my friends set us up at a party, because she knew how I felt about him. We can laugh a lot and talk about everything, that’s why we are attracted to each other.

“I never had a problem with our age gap because we were very similar despite it. I’m a very tolerant person and I have never condemned something like that.

“He was a bit sceptical at first, but he quickly realised that the other things are more important and that these other things we have in common means we fit together perfectly.

“There haven’t been many problems with us so far; most of the problems come from society but we try to laugh it off and solve it.

“We have never really talked about marriage directly, but maybe I could imagine it someday.”

Lou says that they have both received the blessings of each of their families and that they want to prove that age doesn’t matter when they are both in love.

Lou pictured with her boyfriend, Egon. MDWfeatures /

The comments they receive online about their relationship have been negative but that hasn’t stopped them from sharing their love with their 31.5K Instagram followers.

“People say that our relationship is disgusting or perverted, that it is only about sex or money and that it can’t be real love. This is something we get every day, but we learn to live with it,” she said.

“Most of the younger people look at us in a strange way or whisper about us and you can often see many questions in their eyes, but we ignore such people as much as possible, especially most of the comments that are anonymous on the internet.

“My family took the news of our relationship easy. Of course, they first asked a lot of questions, but when I explained everything, they understood and accepted it. His family as well.

Lou pictured in a lingerie shop.
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“I am sad that many doubt our love only because of the age difference. If they were to live with us for a week as a silent observer, they would realise how much we really love each other.

“Relationships don’t depend on things like; age, gender and appearance, but how happy you are with each other and how to deal with each other and nobody can judge from the outside.”