By Liana Jacob


THIS BRITISH construction manager with a Barbie-doll face has overcome a troubled childhood, numerous care homes and HOMELESSNESS but isn’t letting that stand in her way of proving that women are just as strong as men and is now a bodybuilding champion.


Construction development manager, Charli Allardyce (28), from Essex, UK, was brought up within the care system from the young age of 11 to 18. This resulted in her only attending one day of high school, leaving at the age of 13 when she was forced to move across the country to different care homes.

Charli enjoying a bit of sun in her friend’s garden in Chigwell.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


This unstable lifestyle led her to neglect her health and body due to being overwhelmed with stress and financial restrictions. Her previous weight was only 6st 7Ibs and a UK size four to six.


Pictures show how Charli started off skinny but ditched the thin look in a bid to prove to macho construction workers that women can body build just-as-well as men. She has such a point to prove she even fractured her humorous bone in an arm wrestle against a male colleague, rather than admit defeat.

Charli working on a construction site earlier this year.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


It wasn’t until March 2016 when she decided to join a gym and get toned for her holiday to Ibiza, but she was still not motivated until January 2017 when she went to gym regularly and increased her passion for bodybuilding.


Thanks to her lifestyle change of eating healthy and working out five days a week, she managed to sculpt her body into a muscle machine and is now 9st 7Ibs and a UK size 10 to 12.

Charli revealing her legs of steel and muscular physique.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


“I was brought up within the care system from a young age (11 – 18) which led me to only have attended one day of high school,” Charli said.


“I left school when I was thirteen due to being moved across the country to different care homes.

Charli flexing in the gym 2.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


“I left care when I was eighteen and found it challenging to live independently with lack of support and this led me to be homeless, sofa surfing and living in hostels.


“My unstable life at the time led me to my previous weight, due to stresses, worries and money constraints, as I was unable to support a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Charli loves the challenge of competing in a male-dominated industry of bodybuilding.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


“I felt good about myself even then because I thought I looked great. I knew I was slim and thought that’s how you should look as that is what is per trade in social media.


“I decided to join the gym in March 2016 to get a toned body for my holiday to Ibiza later that year.

Charli when she started her journey a year ago while she was still at 45kg.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


I started to see results and continued the gym half-heartedly until January 2017. By that time, I started hitting the gym more and more and it became an addiction.


“I have not always been so confident in my skin, but since I’ve been working out I feel amazing and have so much confidence now.

Charli in February 2017 at the beginning of her fitness journey.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


“For me to achieve this physique I had to sacrifice nights out with friends, I would and still do spend my weekends in the gym, I eat big, lift big and train big.


“I travel on four buses to and from gym everyday even after a long day at work. I also have a gym buddy to help motivate me and spot me when I am lifting heavy.

Charli posing backstage at a bodybuilding event Pure Elite.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


“I eat three to four-thousand calories alongside two-hundred grams of protein a day. I always go up in weight every session. It takes dedication, consistency, patience, routine, positive mindset.”


Charli says that her bodybuilding passion has opened doors for her in her career, her dream of becoming a TV personality and a professional bodybuilder.

Charli in her garden showing the extent of her strength and muscles.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


“It has changed my life because I am living a healthier lifestyle and I feel amazing for it. It has opened a lot of doors and opportunities that is helping me towards my dream of becoming a TV personnel and Pro body builder,” she said.


“It keeps me focused, gives me the chance to inspire, motivate and help others to obtain a healthier lifestyle.

Charli in Benidorm in July 2014 exhibiting a skinnier physique.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


“I also love the challenge that comes with being female in a male-dominated sport. I have gained so much confidence by facing my fear and just going for it in the gym without having the full knowledge of how to correctly use all the equipment.


“I feel even more motivated to come back bigger and stronger. I completed my first competition called Pure Elite last year in the fitness model category.

Charli when she had her injury and had to take a break from weight lifting due to her arm being in a brace.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


“I coached myself through the whole process and gained so much experience to come back wiser, bigger and stronger.”


She had a set-back in January this year when she playfully arm-wrestled one of her colleagues at work. Due to her intense strength, she twisted her humorous bone which snapped, and she has been in a brace ever since.

Charli posing backstage at a bodybuilding event Pure Elite 2.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


“I was at work on a client meeting on a construction site and I arm wrestled one of the lads having a bit of banter and my humorous twisted and snapped,” she said.


“My arm snapped whilst we were arm wrestling. He didn’t put any pressure to get my arm down, it was my own strength that made it break.

Charli flexing in the gym.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


“I was in an arm brace for four months and the injury will take a full year to heal. I decided to not to go for the operation with the metal rods due to the fact I could lose whole use of my arm due to the risks of the operation.


“Some people are happy for me and others can be quite negative about it. I have a mixed view on how people perceive my body building and a majority of them know nothing about it and comment with no justification.

Charli posing in her friend’s garden.
MDWfeatures / Charli Allardyce


“The most common comments I get normally is ‘why do you want to look muscly?’ or ‘you don’t want to get too big do you?’ My answer to them is why not?


In order to be the ONE percent, you must do what the other ninety-nine percent WON’T. I didn’t pay any attention to what others thought because how others see you is not important, how you see yourself means everything.”