Rosie (left), Lucy (middle) and Claudia (right) pictured in their wedding dresses. MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers

By Liana Jacob


GLAMOROUS PHOTOS reveal three sisters participating in a fake £112 self-marriage ceremony in a bid to get on their nana’s esteemed photo wall and show the world that you don’t need a man or a huge budget to have a fairy-tale wedding.


Stunning pictures show workshop facilitator, Lucy Ivers (33), and her sisters Rosie (29) and Claudia (26), from Brisbane, Australia, in elaborate wedding dresses which they bought from Gumtree for only £17 (30 AUD).

Lucy, Claudia and Rosie posing with their friends at their wedding.
MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers


Incredible pictures show all 12 guests and the brides posing together on the rooftop area of Lucy’s apartment and the three sisters posing next to each other in their dresses in a pool.


Lucy, Rosie and Claudia all agreed to organise a self-marriage ceremony on November 10, 2018, which was ordained by their friend Astin, as a joke for their grandmother. The three sisters say they don’t plan to get married traditionally, due to their disinterest in the ritual.

Lucy’s nana posing next to her wall with the wedding pictures.
MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers


Altogether, they only spent £112 (200 AUD) on the wedding.


“None of us are married and our grandmother has photos on her wall of all our cousins on their wedding days or with their partners,” Lucy said.

Lucy’s sister, Rosie, pictured in her wedding dress.
MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers


“So, we decided to stage a wedding with the sole purpose of getting our photos on our Nana’s wall. It was a surprise.


“We bought dresses off gumtree for about thirty dollars each and decided since it’s unlikely we’ll ever actually get married for real, we may as well do it right.

Claudia pictured doing a hand-stand in her wedding dress.
MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers


“We invited friends and decorated my apartment building’s rooftop area a little. We ordered a few boxes of Domino’s pizza and drank lovely rosé all afternoon.


“The best part was that our friends just dressed up, came along and fully participated in the whole charade – no questions asked.

Lucy revealing her wedding ring.
MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers


“They treated it with the same level of enthusiasm that you would any wedding. We never expected it to be such a wonderful day – I actually can’t imagine that I could possibly have had any more fun if it were a real wedding.


“We had a little ceremony; my friend Astin acted as the celebrant. She married us each, ‘Lucy, do you take yourself to be your lawful wedded wife…’ etc.

Lucy and her sister, Claudia, pictured in their wedding dresses.
MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers


“She actually said a very beautiful thing when beginning the ceremony. She said, ‘we are gathered here today because these ladies make the most out of life and really live it, and that’s something worth celebrating’.


“We found it funny because we get a lot of questions from the family about, ‘when are you getting married?’ or, ‘why haven’t you settled down?’ because all our cousins are married or heading that way.

Lucy (left), Rosie (middle) and Claudia (right) posing in the pool in their wedding dresses.
MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers


“Nana’s photo wall had no photo of us, because all of the pics of her grandkids were of their weddings. So, we thought we’d fit the theme of the photo wall.


“Originally we only planned to take photos of us in our wedding dresses, however we thought we may as well do the full wedding because it may be our only chance to have one.”

Lucy pictured getting kisses from her friends.
MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers


Lucy explains that they aren’t entirely convinced about the concept of marriage, particularly society’s perception of it.


“I’m not sold on the institution of marriage. I’m not concerned that it’s my last chance to get married, I’m rather disinterested in marriage itself,” Lucy said.

Lucy’s sister, Claudia, pictured in her wedding dress by the poolside.
MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers


“I think it’s outdated, and the divorce statistics alone indicate that the promise of forever is not particularly natural or healthy.


“The only person you’re ever guaranteed to wake up with every morning of your life is you. So, you’d best be good to yourself, happy with your own company and strong enough to know when to walk away from a relationship with someone else that isn’t serving you.

Lucy’s sister, Rosie, pictured in her wedding dress.
MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers


“I’m not closed off to relationships – just extraordinarily picky. Because I can be. Because I’m not afraid of being alone.


“As my Instagram caption says, ‘turns out, you can have a lovely wedding without the unpleasant marriage part!’

Lucy (left), Claudia (middle) and Rosie (right) pictured jumping into the pool.
MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers


“Nana doesn’t mind if we get married or not- the sole purpose of this was to make a joke about what it takes to get up on her photo wall – she loved the photos and found it particularly funny, the lengths we went to.”

Lucy pictured happily eating a slice of pizza on her wedding day.
MDWfeatures / Lucy Ivers


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