By Alyce Collins


THIS MISCHIVIOUS lion cub can’t wait to be king as he wrestles with his tired mum and dad and isn’t in the slightest bit phased when his dad gives him an earful.

The waterhole nearby provides meals for the pride of lions.
Mediadrumimages / Jason Kandume


The fascinating images show a young lion cub roaming the vast stretches of Namibia alongside his mum and dad who look like they have been kept awake by the mischievous youngster for days.

The lions were spotted near a waterhole.
Mediadrumimages / Jason Kandume


Another image shows the mischievous young cub climbing over its much larger father before being told off whilst another picture appears to show the female lion telling the dad to discipline his son.

The cub is trying to gain it’s mother’s attention by tugging at her fur.
Mediadrumimages / Jason Kandume


The pictures were captured in Etosha National Park in Namibia. Etosha is one of the top wildlife destinations worldwide, attracting many wildlife photographers and it’s one of the most popular parks for wildlife photographers and tourists keen to get an authentic safari experience.

The cub looks to be causing mischief with its parents.
Mediadrumimages / Jason Kandume


The stunning images were taken by Jason Kandume, a photographer from northern Namibia who highlights the importance of not disturbing the animals when trying to photograph them.

The hilarious shots capture the animal’s fun-loving side.
Mediadrumimages / Jason Kandume


“I didn’t know that I would find a family of lions the morning I captured these images, but I suspected I would find some lions,” said Jason.

The cub looks to be hunting his father’s tail which sways in front of it.
Mediadrumimages / Jason Kandume


“I was at the waterhole to photograph some rhinos the night before when I heard some lions roaring, so I knew they wouldn’t be too far from the area.

The cub climbs on top of the male lion’s mane.
Mediadrumimages / Jason Kandume


“I wasn’t surprised that we found the family because that’s one of the reasons I chose to go to the park at that time of year, in November, because it’s not long after the lions have their babies.

The cub looks to be causing mischief around the adult lions.
Mediadrumimages / Jason Kandume


“Lions are easy to find as long as you have some knowledge of their behaviour. They’re known to be active at night, early morning and late afternoon. So I prefer to get up early to get some shots which will showcase their behaviour.

The young cub looks mischevious roaming the desert.
Mediadrumimages / Jason Kandume


“I usually carry two cameras with me: my main camera is a 1DX Mark II full frame which can take 14 frames per second, then I have a 7D Mark II crop sense as my backup camera.


“Timing is everything with lions because they can sleep for up to 20 hours per day. They spend most of their time sleeping in the shade during the day, especially in summer.


“If they are part of a large pride, they like to stay near waterholes because they can easily find meals there. Active hunting mostly starts at dusk or dawn.

The male lion stands over one of the female lions.
Mediadrumimages / Jason Kandume


“As a frequent wildlife tour guide, I drive my clients straight to the waterhole as soon as the park gates open, telling them that I suspect there will be lions nearby.


“There was one cub, two females, one large male and two young males that day.

“The male lion went to drink first and when it finished, the cub started running towards his dad. It was climbing over him and jumping on his back. One of the females was constantly following the cub.


“I always try to respect nature and wildlife. I don’t disturb or chase them. I see people using drones in the parks which I think is wrong.


“If you’re using a drone then you can’t get shots like this where the animals are playing freely and don’t feel threatened.”


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