Roxanne pictured beyond 30 weeks of gestation and a year after delivering the triplets. compared MDWfeatures / Roxanne White

By Alyce Collins


AFTER suffering a miscarriage this woman was amazed to fall pregnant with TRIPLETS at THIRTY-SIX and after rejecting a SELECTIVE REDUCTION is feeling lucky to be spending her first Christmas with all three.


Stay at home mum, Roxanne White (37) from Illinois, USA, feared she might never become a mother after a miscarriage in 2015 before she delivered triplets in November 2017, as she now looks forward to their first Christmas at home together.

Roxanne took the triplets to visit Santa Claus this year as she looks ahead to their first Christmas together.
MDWfeatures / Roxanne White


Roxanne married her childhood love, Hank, back in July 2015 and began trying to expand their family soon after. Within months, Roxanne fell pregnant, but it wasn’t to be as she later suffered a miscarriage at nine weeks.


After a year of trying to conceive again naturally, Roxanne and Hank looked into fertility treatment as Roxanne was diagnosed with secondary infertility, meaning the miscarriage rendered any future attempt to conceive impossible.

The triplets on their first birthday in November.
MDWfeatures / Roxanne White


In May 2017 the couple found out that the insemination had been a success and Roxanne was pregnant. However, blood tests revealed high hormone levels, leading Roxanne to believe she could be carrying twins, though she was shocked to find out she was in fact growing three babies.


The triplets, Haven, Spencer and Riley were born via C-section on November 28, 2017. Haven and Spencer were brought home on December 21 but unfortunately Riley had to stay in the NICU until January.

A Santa Claus visited the babies in teh hospital last year.
MDWfeatures / Roxanne White


Now, Roxanne is finally able to make her own family traditions over the Christmas period as this will be the family’s first Christmas at home all together.


“Hank and I married on July 25, 2015 and we knew we wanted to start a family right away,” said Roxanne.

In 2017, the babies were visited by Santa in the NICU.
MDWfeatures / Roxanne White


“I got pregnant within a few months, but I had a miscarriage during my ninth week. After another year of trying we had no luck and we sought out fertility treatment.


“I was then diagnosed with secondary infertility which is the inability to get pregnant after managing to do so once before. This was such a sad and lonely time.

Haven pictured on her first birthday.
MDWfeatures / @photographybyejb
Baby C, Riley, who was stuck in hospital over Christmas last year.
MDWfeatures / @photographybyejb
Spencer pictured on their first birthday.
MDWfeatures / @photographybyejb


“I cried quite a few times during that period of my life, but I kept it to myself and not many people knew.


“We found out we were expecting again in May 2017 and we were told it was triplets on May 22, 2017 during our six-week ultrasound.

From left to right, Spencer, Haven and Riley.
MDWfeatures / @photographybyejb


“My husband and mum were with me during the ultrasound and I had a pretty high beta HCG test, so we assumed it was going to be multiples. My first blood test was 312 at just 12 days post ovulation, and anything over 25 is considered positive.


“The fertility clinic guessed twins, but my mum had a hunch it was triplets. We were in complete shock and during the ultrasound I had so many good and bad thoughts running through my head.

Haven, Spencer and Riley.
MDWfeatures / @photographybyejb


“In the beginning it felt unreal and I had no idea how my 8st 2lb body could carry three babies. We were even given the option of selective reduction, but we knew right away that we could never take that route.


“I had a very smooth pregnancy with no health complications. I gained a total of 3st 7lbs throughout my pregnancy, but I never had any signs of gestational diabetes, and my blood pressure was always good.

The triplets during a celebratory photo shoot for their first birthday.
MDWfeatures / @photographybyejb


“At around 31 weeks I started having cord flow issues with baby C (Riley) and I was given steroid shots. Baby C was then diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction.


“I ended up delivering at 33 weeks and three days because it was better off for baby C to be outside than on the inside any longer.

Roxanne shows her post-babies transformation.
MDWfeatures / Roxanne White


“I had a C-section and the delivery went smooth – I didn’t even need a blood transfusion and thankfully I had no post-op complications. I did have a lot of pain after my C-section though and my husband had to wheel me around for a week.”


The triplets were born November 28, 2017, with Baby A, Haven, weighing 4lbs 10oz, Baby B, Spencer, weighing 4lbs 11oz and Baby C, Riley, weighing 3lbs 8oz.

Roxanne delivered the triplets at 33 weeks and 3 days.
MDWfeatures / Roxanne White


Haven and Spencer stayed in hospital for just over three weeks, whereas Riley was in hospital care for over a month. Last year the triplets were separated over Christmas and the family couldn’t all celebrate together at home.


This year, Roxanne is planning on spending Christmas day at home with her husband and the triplets, so they can start their own family traditions.

The triplets were separated last Christmas as Riley had to stay in hospital for longer.
MDWfeatures / Roxanne White


“Haven and Spencer stayed in NICU for 23 days, but Riley stayed for 36 days,” said Roxanne.


“All three of my babies were considered feeders and growers while in NICU and they didn’t have any major issues. We took the first two babies home on December 21, 2017 and I felt completely overwhelmed at first but once we got down to a routine it got better.


“Riley came home on January 3, 2018 and I had the same feeling of being overwhelmed but we just tried to get him on the same routine and that saved us. We still have all three on a strict routine and it works out very well.

Roxanne no longer leaves the house alone with the triplets because the car seats are too heavy for her alone.
MDWfeatures / Roxanne White


“This year we plan on staying home for Christmas because my husband and I decided we wanted to make it a tradition to stay at home on Christmas Day and have the children open their presents, and then spend the day feeling cosy at home.


“That’s what we did as children and travelling to different family members’ houses doesn’t sound appealing on Christmas Day.


“This will be the first Christmas that all three babies are home for Christmas because Riley was still in the hospital last year.

Roxanne holding the triplets in hospital before they were released.
MDWfeatures / Roxanne White


“We weren’t allowed to bring the babies back into hospital after they were discharged because of the germs. So, I went and visited Riley on Christmas Eve and Hank went up on Christmas Day as only one of us could go at a time so the other could watch the other two.


“I tried not to think about it too much because if I did it made me sad. Right now, if I think about that moment I get teary-eyed, but I knew he was being well taken care of.”


Roxanne also spoke about not wanting any more children after spending years wanting children and then having three.

Roxanne and Hank are excited to finally celebrate Christmas together as an entire family of five.
MDWfeatures / Roxanne White


“We definitely won’t be having any more children. As much as I would love to experience a pregnancy with one baby, that won’t be happening,” said Roxanne.


“I always dreamed of having two children, so having three is a huge blessing for us. I also feel like I am getting up there in age because more of my friends’ children are a lot older, some are even in secondary school now.


“Most people are in complete shock when I tell them I had triplets. I’ve lost all my baby weight and now I look how I did prior to having three babies. Most people are very nice, and they say it’s the best blessing ever and they congratulate us.

Roxanne and Hank at the same restaurant at 31 weeks pregnant.
MDWfeatures / Roxanne White


“Some people say they don’t know how I do it or they call me a ‘super mum’, but I don’t think I am a ‘super mum’. I’m just doing my mum duties and they would do the same if they also had multiples.


“The hardest part of having triplets is trying to go out and do normal daily activities. Getting all three little ones in a car seat and bringing them places can be exhausting, and to be honest I don’t go out alone with them.


“Car seats get so heavy, so I think when they’re older and they can walk it will be easier to go places.


“We do get a lot of attention if we go out and use our long triple pushchair. I hear comments all the time and so many people like to talk to us. This is just part of our lives now.”

Roxanne and Hank took the triplets to their favourite restaurant in November, a year after they went before the babies were born.
MDWfeatures / Roxanne White


You can follow Roxanne’s family by visiting @triplet_mommy_2017.