Jenilyn holding her bouquet following her vows to love herself. MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez

By Alyce Collins


THIS WOMAN decided to MARRY HERSELF after suffering a life of abusive relationships, but her parents aren’t too happy about this given the fact that they’re CATHOLIC.


Actress and producer Jenilyn Rodriguez (30) from New York, USA, was raised as part of a religious family but this didn’t allow her to embrace her true faith, until she decided to host a marriage ceremony for just herself.

Jenilyn at the after party.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


Organised religion wasn’t something that Jenilyn could surrender herself to, instead she wanted to put her faith in love and more importantly, herself. So, while out shopping for a ring earlier this year, Jenilyn saw the perfect ring and knew that it was the right one for her to get engaged to herself.


Finally, in November 2018, Jenilyn held a marriage ceremony in which she vowed to love herself and to practice sologamy.

Jenilyn with her guests who she refers to as her ‘spirit family’.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


Jenilyn married herself in Manhattan on November 11, 2018 at precisely 3.33pm which is a very sentimental time because angel numerology upholds that 333 means pure love and 1111 means angels are in the room with you.


There were 20 people in attendance at Jenilyn’s ceremony, including her sister who flew in especially. However, Jenilyn’s Catholic parents weren’t overjoyed by their daughter going against religious convention and instead marrying herself.

Cheyenne (left) read the Desiderata in the ceremony.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


Marrying herself was a reminder to herself that Jenilyn already has everything she could ever need in herself, that she can be her own best friend and source of comfort. Now, she is encouraging anyone else to marry themselves and hopes to open a centre where she can marry others.


“Me and my siblings were raised Catholic, although it never sat right with me,” said Jenilyn.

During a sentimental moment in the ceremony, Jenilyn’s sister Jessica fed her a piece of wedding cake.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


“I always felt a strong desire to be more open minded and unaffiliated with any organised religion. I wanted to work with love and I wanted to pray in nature, not necessarily in a building.


“I am a certified reiki healer and I love healing people, yet I found that there were always issues around love in my own life as I suffered abusive relationships and toxic work environments.

Jenilyn with her friend Cheyenne, who created her crown for the day.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


“One day I decided to buy myself a ring as a gift of love to myself, and when I looked at the sizes I thought to myself ‘what size is my ring finger?’ and then I smiled and thought I should get engaged to myself.

Jenilyn’s ring is made of rare wood and real fern encased in resin.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


“I made a promise to treat myself better and to love myself better. The response I got from my closest friends and others was almost overwhelming. So then I realised that I needed to decide if I was going to go through with it, I should go all the way with it.

Jenilyn with her sister Jessica.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


“I felt very strongly that this was a very positive thing and that it would also make me so much more likely to stick to the promise I made.


“The marriage ceremony took place on Sunday November 11, 2018 at 3.33pm in Manhattan. In angel numerology, 333 means pure love and 1111 means angels are right there in the room.

Jenilyn during her ceremony held in November 2018.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


“All in all, there were about 20 people who took part in rejoicing with me. My phenomenal baby sister flew in and kept me calm and sane. She also fed me cake just to be cute.


“My amazing best friend was the officiant and she was incredible – she explained what sologamy was and thanked everyone for being a part of this life changing event. Another best friend did a reading of the Desiderata, my life motto. Then I read my vows to everyone.

Jenilyn reading out her vows to herself to always love and cherish herself.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


“The dress I ordered was about £240 and the shoes I had were green and blue iridescent and so gorgeous. Then my friend made my crown by hand for me which was beautiful.


“The after party was in a room at a low-key bar and it was such a dream. I felt that I truly married my human person to my higher self, so that my body, mind and soul could be one and work together to create the best life I could ever imagine.

Jenilyn getting ready before her ceremony took place at 3.33pm on 11/11.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


“It was all so lovely and so powerful. It was very moving, and it felt so important that I made this choice. For me, the ring is another gift of love to myself because it’s the second part of the promise of the engagement ring.


“It completes the gift of love and healing that I am giving to myself for the rest of my life here on Earth as a ring does in a circle, it completes the cycle. It was handmade in Iceland from rare wood and real fern encased in resin.

Jenilyn getting her crown which was made by her friend Cheyenne, especially for her ceremonial day.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


“Next year I am taking myself to visit the sites of Ancient Celtic Ireland as my honeymoon.”


Jenilyn spoke about the importance her ceremony has had for her own outlook on love, and why she hopes more people might go through with a ceremony.

The day was very momentous for Jenilyn as she hopes to encourage others to try marrying themselves.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


“There’s a saying that you only have yourself and you’re stuck with yourself forever, so you might as well love yourself. I took that very personally,” said Jenilyn.

“What if I was my own best friend and I was always there for myself? What if I was my own source of comfort, strength and guidance? What if I am amazing and should never be treated badly or harshly?

Jenilyn pictured sat after her ceremony.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


“It is a reminder to always stay grateful and that we are all miracles. I have everything I could ever need so I only want a life filled with joy and love.


“My parents didn’t love it as they are quite religious, and the word ‘wedding’ disturbed them in a sacramental sense, although they were supportive of the basic idea of commitment to be true to myself.

Jenilyn married herself at 3.33pm on 11/11.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez


“There were a lot of people I didn’t tell because I didn’t want a single person who didn’t get it to be there on the day and I didn’t want any contrary opinions. This was for me and no other opinions were considered.


“Someone said to me that I will find somebody one day and not to give up which was sweet and came from a loving place, but it missed the point. Some people didn’t take it seriously enough to hold the date and made other commitments, which hurt my feelings just a little bit.

The wedding invitation to Jenilyn’s ceremony held in November 2018.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez
Jenilyn sent out invitations and asked people to wear their favourite thing to her big day.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez

“I welcome love in all forms and a committed relationship is wonderful, but I will never lose sight of myself again or become half of a duo. I would still marry a person in the conventional way if I found a love like that and I’d love to have a family one day.

Jenilyn at her after party.
MDWfeatures / Jenilyn Rodriguez

“I recommend marrying yourself to anyone. It’s a vital promise to care for ourselves and it should be binding, whether it’s legal or not. My friend and I hope to open a holistic healing centre in New York City to offer a place for self-marriages.”


You can see more from Jenilyn’s spiritual ceremony by visiting @jenoele.