By Liana Jacob


MEET THE DAD who only dates bisexuals like his girlfriend so that he can continue to sleep with other girls TOGETHER and says to critics “If there are girls out there that want threesomes, why should I be with one that doesn’t?”


Global auto exporter, Elan Ram (36), from New York, USA, met his girlfriend, Kat Horton (26), from Alabama, through the dating app OK Cupid in 2017, after specifying on his profile that he was looking for a girl who identifies as bisexual only.

Elan pictured (in the middle) with Kat (on the right) and another girl.
MDWfeatures / Elan Ram


Elan has had a rule for many years to only date girls who are bisexual so that they can both be involved in an open relationship together without the risk of cheating.


They both insist that there is no jealousy between them as long as it is strictly a sexual encounter and that they sleep with other girls together as a couple. Elan, teaches other couples how to live this way.

Elan pictured (in the middle) with his girlfriend Kat (on the right) and their date.
MDWfeatures / Elan Ram


“I’ve had a rule for many years that I will only date a girl who likes girls because I don’t want to cheat, and I know it’s healthy for me,” Elan said.


“Whatever respectable girl I find for us to go out and meet, we will find the girls together. I’ve found the perfect partner for this.

Elan pictured (on the right) with Kat (in the middle) with another girl (on the left).
MDWfeatures / Elan Ram


“I always ask if a girl likes other girls right at the beginning because I don’t want to waste money and time on dates if a girl doesn’t like girls.


“I know there are girls out there that want to have a threesome with her man. Why should I be with a girl that doesn’t want that? Especially when they’re out there.

Elan and Kat pictured in a threesome.
MDWfeatures / Elan Ram


“I don’t cheat on my girlfriend, we only do stuff together and a good way to manage that kind of relationship and avoid jealousy is that after sex with another woman, when Kat walks out of the room, I’m not going to grope and kiss the other girl when she’s not there.


“When she comes back, I don’t want her to think that every time she walks out of the room, I’ll start rubbing and kissing other girls. It’s a way of managing jealousy and building trust.”

Elan pictured (in the middle) cuddling up to his girlfriend Kat (on the right) with another girl.
MDWfeatures / Elan Ram


Kat explains how she feels about the relationship.


“Consensual non-monogamy is my preferred relationship style and my relationship with Elan is the most fulfilling I’ve had. We respect each other’s boundaries and I feel incredibly secure and content,” she said.

Elan and Kat pictured in a threesome.
MDWfeatures / Elan Ram


“Our relationship is solid, and our girlfriends have only enhanced that. The dynamic of being with one dominant male partner and only engaging with other girls together is ideal for me, as opposed to being completely open.”


Elan and Kat’s method of picking up girls involves going to bars and using dating apps.

Elan pictured (on the left) with Kat next to him and two other girls in bed together.
MDWfeatures / Elan Ram


“I find girls for us and I’ve been living like this for so long I have chick friends that like my vibe and are happy for me when I find a girlfriend,” Elan said.


“I started having this rule ten years ago and I just knew that there are bisexual girls out there and I deserve the best – I know it sounds a little cocky but if girls want a guy that they can have fun with, why not be that guy?

Elan pictured with Kat.
MDWfeatures / Elan Ram


“We have many ways to meet girls; we either meet them online, at bars, or a third way is that I have a lot of female friends that are bisexual that I’ve had sex with before.


“I’ve also had threesomes with my other girlfriends and they are lifelong friends that come into my life and are happy that if I meet a girlfriend, they agree to have sex with us.

“Some of the rules today is that we only do stuff together and when I text girls and flirt, I always say in that text message ‘we’ are doing this, or ‘we’ are doing that. Everything we do is together with other girls.


“My girlfriend is a type of bisexual that will never date another girl. There are bisexual girls on the Kinsey scale that would date other girls and I never date that kind of girl as I don’t want my girlfriend to leave me for another girl.”


Elan and Kat are currently living together and while their close friends have been accepting of their lifestyle, they have received some negative comments from Elan’s friend’s girlfriends and wives.


“A lot of my friends’ girlfriends and wives look down on me. But my good friends that have strong minded wives and girlfriends have been good with it and I’m still friends with – I really cherish and respect those women.


“I never get jealous of her with other girls because I know she would never date one. Sometimes when we drink and if I talk to the girl a little too long there is a little jealousy and she gives me a look, then I recognise that I reign it in.


“I want people out there to know that you should say what you want at the beginning of the relationship. I have a lot of girls that approach me and say, ‘I want my husband to be like this’.


“Many guys say they want to live like this but don’t really want another girl. If their girl is bisexual and wants to live like that, then she should say it in the beginning of the relationship.”