Harry walking along a harbour taken by his local paper for a laugh. Harry Poulson / MDWfeatures

By Liana Jacob


THIS CARPENTER and Prince Harry doppelganger is now making a living from his uncanny resemblance to the Duke of Sussex and is earning DOUBLE his previous earnings thanks to the recent Royal pregnancy buzz and has even been asked if he IS the prince himself.


Pictures show Harry Poulson (21), from Cornwall, UK, surprising passers-by with his strong likeness to Prince Harry and taking selfies with them.

Harry walking along a harbour taken by his local paper for a laugh.
Harry Poulson / MDWfeatures


His features of a beard and ginger hair are shown to be identical to that of the prince, as well as his blue suit-and-tie.


Harry didn’t officially notice the resemblance, until he saw a picture of him standing in a field in a combat jacket next to his dog.

This was the first picture of Harry in a combat jacket with his dog that made him notice the resemblance between him and Prince Harry.
Harry Poulson / MDWfeatures


As well as sharing his name, Harry, who currently lives in Dorset and used to work as a carpenter, has even prompted strangers to ask if he is the prince or if he has ever considered working for the royals as Prince Harry’s double.


Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is now pregnant with the royal couple’s first child.

An excited group of girls fighting for a selfie with the Prince lookalike.
Harry Poulson / MDWfeatures


“I just decided to grow the beard one day to save the effort to be clean shaven, that’s what really brought the similarities together and when people really started commenting on out resemblance,” he said.


“Most people ask me if I’ve ever been told I look like him, if I’ve ever met him, and if they can have a photo. Although the most common question is about whether Harry is my actual name.

Harry walking along a harbour taken by his local paper for a laugh.
Harry Poulson / MDWfeatures


“I’ve had people come up to me and they either do a massive double take, or genuinely ask if I’m him, in which case I usually try to put on a little show for them as a laugh. If they see through it, they normally ask for a selfie just as a laugh.


“It was first mentioned to me about three years ago, but I couldn’t see it at the time, then as more and more people started to say it I slowly started to see similarities.

Harry had a recent job where he was asked to film outside the Buckingham Palace with a Meghan Markle lookalike (on the right).
Harry Poulson / MDWfeatures


“It wasn’t until Christmas 2017 when I was snapped by a local paper in Cornwall, with the caption ‘royal spotted at swim’ I really saw just how similar we looked, and people agreed that we looked similar.


“My earning has near enough doubled since I’ve started doing this work. I’m working flat out these last few weeks as a lookalike, whereas before it was steadier maybe just a job a week, or maybe every other week.

Harry with Amanda Holden and a Meghan Markle lookalike.
Harry Poulson / MDWfeatures


“I first got signed to an agency just after that Christmas and got my first job in March 2018. I earn enough, that I could do it as a living, but even if it was just a few jobs here and there it can fund my own adventures in life.


“I’m quite happy with it, out of anybody I could look like, Harry is a good one because pretty much everyone loves him, and he’s just laid back in life.”


Harry even had people congratulate him on his engagement before the wedding, he says this comparison has helped him in business and job interviews.


“People have congratulated me on the engagement in May, but if one comment stood out it was a few weeks ago when someone asked if I had made myself known to the royal guard as a possible body double,” he said.

Harry is shown taking pictures with strangers in a club for his first job as a lookalike in March 2018.
Harry Poulson / MDWfeatures


“I think he is a remarkable man. He’s so down to earth with the common people, and all the work he does for charities in Africa and former service men is inspiring.


“He has certainly got a very good handle on life and taking up were his mother left off. I’d obviously be quite biased by saying he’s my favourite royal, but I feel if I ever had the chance to meet him we’d have more to talk about.


“He comes across as one of the more laid back and ‘down to earth’ royals, not that his family isn’t but he’s always been the cheeky one, which just adds to his personality.”


Harry says that he is a fan of the union between the British Prince and American sweetheart, bringing two allied countries together.


“I think it’s great! Obviously, there’s a long history between the two countries and it’s nice to see that everyone on both side of the pond is so on board and excited about it, although I think the Americans seem far more enthusiastic about it,” he said.

Harry is pictured in a blue checked shirt two years ago when he was with the Atlantic Challenge GB crew, who wanted to pretend Prince Harry gave them a send off.
Harry Poulson / MDWfeatures

“When it first started to happen, I was always quite shocked and momentarily speechless, as I couldn’t believe people thought we looked similar. Now I’ve got used to it I try and just play along with it and have a laugh with it all.


“I think we both have the same love for being outdoors and doing things, and for being a bit cheeky and mischievous when it’s possible to get away with it.


“I’m travelling a lot more now since the comparison; both round the UK and abroad, which isn’t something I’d be doing as much if it wasn’t for the lookalike work.


“I feel the work itself has made me more confident as an individual, and for work it’s a good talking point in an interview, and something to laugh at on tea breaks.”