Jesee shows her incredible weight loss to half her weight. Jesee Paquee / MDWfeatures

By Alyce Collins


THIS THIRTY-STONE woman has HALVED her weight after being mortified when she got stuck in a kayak and had to be pulled out of it.


Executive account manager Jesee Paquette (36) from New Hampshire, USA, saw her weight rocket to nearly 30st, meaning she had to be escorted off a plane and couldn’t even walk to the end of the road.

Jesee on her wedding day in 2014, compared to 2018.
Jesee Paquee / MDWfeatures


Jesee, who suffered with food addiction and binge eating disorder, had always been the bigger one in her friendship group, but as she just accepted that she was the biggest, she never made any effort to change it.


During her school years, Jesee played a few sports but didn’t sustain the training for the sports and as soon as she left school upon graduating, she began to gain weight as she would consume up to 8,000 calories in some days.

Jesee before and after.
Jesee Paquee / MDWfeatures


Jesee’s first serious relationship when she was just 18-years-old was a very unstable one which led to food becoming a comfort. Although she was unhappy, that relationship lasted for 10 years, and by the end of it, Jesee weighed 29st 9lbs and she wore a size 5XL.


However, since meeting her husband soon after ending her previous relationship, Jesee became less dependent on food and saw how detrimental it was to her health. After feeling embarrassed by her weight and even getting stuck inside a kayak, Jesee has managed to half her weight by losing an incredible 15st 2lbs.

Jesee with one of her stepchildren.
Jesee Paquee / MDWfeatures


Jesee now weighs 14st 7lbs and is a UK size 16 and is still losing further weight with her healthier diet and daily exercise routine.


“I was always the bigger one of my friends and I’d always been picked on for being ‘big’,” said Jesee.

Jesee now.
Jesee Paquee / MDWfeatures


“During school I was an athlete and I played volleyball, basketball and softball, but when I transferred schools, my new school didn’t offer an athletics program. I now see that as the beginning to when I really started to get heavy.


“As the years progressed I put on more weight. I entered a very emotionally unstable relationship coming out of school and through university.

Jesee has since hiked mountains.
Jesee Paquee / MDWfeatures


“During that time, I really turned to food as a comfort. I slowly lost all confidence and self-esteem and I became pretty depressed.


“After 10 years I eventually found the strength to end the relationship, but I still turned to food as my comfort and went on many fad diets over the years.


“Eventually I met my husband in 2007 and we later married in 2014. He loved me at 30 stone and loves me just as much as 14 stone. He loves and supports me for the person I am, and he was able to look past my size which is honestly incredible.

Chest pains, being too heavy for a flight and getting stuck in a kayak were all signs that Jesee needed to change.
Jesee Paquee / MDWfeatures

“I am the factor that led to me being overweight because I was compulsive and lacked self-control when I was younger.


“I would eat anything and everything and my metabolism just couldn’t handle the number of calories I was taking in. I always turned to food to comfort me and when I was younger I suffered from depression and anxiety, so I thought food made me better.


“I was actually removed from a flight on my way home from Las Vegas after I boarded it because the plane was full, and I was a ‘person of size’. I was escorted down the aisle in front of everyone on the plane. Instead of that being a wake-up call, I just turned to food again.


“In 2015 I started getting chest pains which got progressively worse. I was borderline diabetic and I knew the next blood test would come back saying I was diabetic. I was afraid to go to my doctor to tell them of my chest pain and I didn’t want to hear what they’d say.

Jesee has since lost over 15st.
Jesee Paquee / MDWfeatures

“While I hated how I looked, I loved my life – my husband, three amazing stepchildren, mum, dad and brother. I wanted to be there for all of them and to experience life with them all. I knew I couldn’t do that at 30 stone, so I made the decision to change my life because I wanted to actually live it.


“The biggest turning point was when I got stuck in a kayak in our garden. My husband loves kayaking and I really wanted to go with him and he thought I could fit in the regular kayak, but I couldn’t. I got stuck and had to be pulled out of it.


“I was so devastated and a week later I went to a weight loss clinic and started a program called Ideal Protein.”


Jesee has been losing weight for over two years now, as she continues her journey to health and she has so far managed to completely transform her life.

Jesee got stuck in a kayak and felt the need to lose weight immediately.
Jesee Paquee / MDWfeatures

After halving her weight, Jesee has seen her confidence boosted greatly as she is able to do so many activities which she couldn’t do for so long, as simple as walking down the road.


“Losing weight has opened up so many doors for me. I can do so many things I never thought I’d be able to do,” said Jesee.


“From little things like being able to sit in a chair with arms up, to zip-lining over the Mexican jungle. I’ve hiked mountains, ridden a rollercoaster and flew on a plane without needing to buy two seats.


“I have gained a self-confidence I didn’t think I’d ever have. I’m actually okay with having my picture taken now.

“I still have body dysmorphia, but I no longer hate myself, and I feel great.

Jesee three years ago when she weighed 29st 9lbs.
Jesee Paquee / MDWfeatures

“I try to walk every day for 30-60 minutes and I follow a Ketogenic plan based on lean meats, little fat, limited dairy and no sugar or carbs.


“Everyone who has over 14 stone to lose has the ability to do what I’ve done, it’s just finding the motivation to do so that’s the hard part.


“Find the reason you want to change and find what works for you. Don’t hide behind excuses. Have a strong support system because it really helps, but you have to be your biggest supporter.”


You can find out more about Jesee’s transformation by visiting her Instagram page, @fatbriety.