Above is Emilie's skin before, and below is it now after finally seeking treatment. Emilie Love / MDWfeatures

By Alyce Collins


THIS GIRL’S dreamy clear skin turned into a thing of nightmares when she developed severe adult CYSTIC ACNE leaving her face permanently scarred, and she’s even been told by a FAMILY FRIEND to cover it up.


Emilie Love (28) form Hampshire, UK, first noticed her skin breaking out when she was 16-years-old, but she didn’t want to think it could become more severe, until more recently her acne became cystic, leaving scars on her face.

Emilie now.
Emilie Love / MDWfeatures


Early in her twenties, Emilie’s acne started getting worse which troubled her more because everyone around her was getting beyond the age of bad skin and breakouts, but Emilie’s worst was yet to come. Her confidence fell dramatically because she felt insecure about her skin and hated that people would stare at her because of it.


Since sharing her story on Instagram, Emilie has been able to embrace her natural complexion more as being open about her experience with more people has allowed her not to pay attention to people’s negative reactions.

Emilie hated the looks she would receive from people for her skin.
Emilie Love / MDWfeatures


“I noticed my first proper big spot on my forehead when I was 16-years-old, and I remember at the time I had a fringe and so I put it down to that,” said Emilie.


“In more recent years it became cystic and that left me with depressed acne scars. I had clear skin up until my mid-teens, and as I went into my early twenties my skin became worse, just as everyone else’s was clearing up from their teenage years.

People often stared at Emilie’s skin and asked if it hurt.
Emilie Love / MDWfeatures


“I felt so insecure and ugly, like I wasn’t attractive anymore. The reactions I got from other people were shocked faces and they would ask me whether or not it hurt. I remember a family friend said that I looked better when wearing makeup.


“I have good days and I have bad days, I am only human after all.

Emilie trying out a mud mask to try and improve her skin’s health.
Emilie Love / MDWfeatures


“If I develop new spots it can drag me down. When I’m having a good day, I can go out shopping without any makeup on because I just think to myself, ‘why should I cover it up?’


“I can’t help the fact that I have acne and so why should it be something to be ashamed of? Especially when so many other people suffer with the same condition.

A family member even told Emilie she looked better with makeup.
Emilie Love / MDWfeatures


“I treat my acne by taking Trimethoprim 300mg twice a day, and I also use a topical ointment prescribed to me by my dermatologist.


“Stress can cause my skin to flare up, as well as too much sugar. If I spend too much time outside in the sun, my acne and the scarring tend to go much redder in colour.”

Emilie hid her skin for years before finally seeking a dermatologist.
Emilie Love / MDWfeatures


Emilie began documenting her journey with acne on Instagram in 2017 after seeing other sufferers sharing their stories, which helped Emilie with her own battle.


After years of not actively treating her acne and passing it off as nothing, Emilie wants to encourage others with acne to be proactive about treatment and looking after their skin because she has been left with scarring which she could have avoided.

Emilie has been left with scars on her face after accepting her acne-prone skin.
Emilie Love / MDWfeatures


Emilie is now treating her acne with the prescribed medication as well as looking into possibly doing laser treatment to reduce the scarring on her face.


“I would urge anyone suffering with skin issues to seek advice from their GP straight away, and if necessary get referred to the dermatologist if you can,” said Emilie.


“I just accepted my acne for so many years and I left it as it was. I really wish I hadn’t done that because I don’t think I’d have the scarring I do today if I had done something sooner.


“I underwent several courses of antibiotics and gel prescription medication, which did help initially. But eventually the acne returned.

Emilie wants to encourage more people to feel comfortable in their skin, regardless of their complexion.
Emilie Love / MDWfeatures


“I began to accept my skin and the breakouts so I didn’t seek further professional help. I regret not pursuing further treatment when I needed it.


“Had I not given up on seeking further advice and my determination to achieve clear skin, I wouldn’t have the level of scarring I have today.


“Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s not your fault that you have acne. It’s normal and nearly everyone will experience it in their lifetime.”


To follow Emilie’s progress and find out more about her struggles with acne, you can visit her Instagram page, @myskinjournal.