Mustang. Abandoned Southeast /

By Mark McConville


EERIE IMAGES have revealed the creepy remains of a time capsule home which includes an exquisite classic Mustang sedan.

Abandoned Southeast /


The haunting pictures show a huge cobweb stretching from the window to a chair in the living room, cobweb-covered dishes in the kitchen sink and forgotten medicine bottles.

Cobweb from the window to the chair.
Abandoned Southeast /


Other striking shots the exterior of the large house, a vintage Ford Mustang left behind and expensive but outdated computer equipment.

Living room.
Abandoned Southeast /


The spooky snaps were taken in Birmingham, Alabama, by an urban explorer known only as Abandoned Southeast.

Abandoned Southeast /


“This property in Birmingham, Alabama has been left abandoned for almost twenty years,” they said.

Abandoned Southeast /


“The previous owners built the home in the 1970s and lived there until their deaths. Today, the house on the hill remains vacant and forgotten.

Fake flowers.
Abandoned Southeast /


“The kitchen cabinets were full of bills and receipts like a bank deposit slip from Birmingham Trust National Bank.

Computer equipment.
Abandoned Southeast /


“The previous owner had dozens of electronic and computer parts scattered around the home.”
Evidence that a large number of spiders had made the house their home was everywhere to be found.

Star Wars cup.
Abandoned Southeast /


Cobwebs covered the furniture in the living room, dishes in the kitchen and even a bouquet of fake flowers that had been left behind.

Abandoned Southeast /


The house doesn’t seem to have been disturbed much since it was abandoned, leaving behind a eerie time capsule.

Abandoned Southeast /


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