On the water. Daigno / mediadrumworld.com

By Mark McConville


SAIL away from the stresses of daily life in this solar-powered tiny house boat which offers the perfect off-grid escape in Montebello, Quebec, Canada for around £48k.

On the trailer.
Daigno / mediadrumworld.com


Incredible images show the compact 24-foot-long, eight-foot-wide tiny home with a surprisingly spacious outside deck area to enjoy the sun.

La Karoc.
Daigno / mediadrumworld.com


Other stunning shots show the interior of the 5,000-pound boat with a large kitchen and living area, dining table for two and even a rack to hold all your fishing rods.

Fish tank.
Daigno / mediadrumworld.com


Daigno is well-known for its boat constructions, but Le Koroc is a special model designed to be lightweight and efficient. It can be shipped anywhere in the world with just over £4k required in deposit.

Daigno / mediadrumworld.com


“The result of many years of reflection, Le Koroc is in a category apart,” say the company.

Easily transportable.
Daigno / mediadrumworld.com


“Fishing boat, aquatic recreational vehicle, portable micro chalet or high level pleasure pontoon, it will appeal to the most demanding fishermen as well as boaters.

Daigno / mediadrumworld.com


“It is aimed at the sport fisherman who does not want to compromise luxury while indulging in his favourite sport, at young families for vacationing safely and comfortably on water, or at retirees who wish to enjoy an active life on water.

Daigno / mediadrumworld.com


“Moreover, it is a micro chalet on wheels and floats, the ideal, adaptable and inexpensive, alternative to holiday resorts, or simply for overnight stays on or near water, providing convenience, functionality, versatility, flexibility, mobility, reliability, autonomy, comfort and safety.”

Daigno / mediadrumworld.com


A bistro table is located in the kitchen, and just off this space, the compact bathroom is complete with a stand-up shower. In the back of the boat, a dinette table folds out into a bed frame, transforming this area into a cosy bedroom. Two benches on either side fold out to provide a mattress. Space-efficient storage is found throughout the tiny house.


The front of the boat hosts the main living space, an open air deck built for passing the days by with a fishing pole in one hand and a cold beverage in the other. There is a dining table with seating for two, an area for barbecuing and a built-in fish tank for storing the day’s fresh catch.

Living area.
Daigno / mediadrumworld.com


The metal roof is equipped with a 265-watt solar panel, which connects to batteries that power the boat’s lighting and refrigerator. Recessed LED lighting is installed throughout the tiny house to reduce its energy use. Daigno’s floating homes can be ordered with special composting toilets and other sustainable features.