By Liana Jacob


DESPITE being alienated by strangers this woman insists on breastfeeding her THREE-YEAR-OLD daughter in public at the same time as her other daughter and says she won’t stop until they have both had enough.


Lactation consultant and mum-of-two, Carla Romina Pozas Soto (32), from Chile, started breastfeeding her eldest daughter, Isabel, who is three-years-and-eight-months-old, four times a day ever since she was born.

Carla doesn’t plan on stopping breastfeeding any time soon.
Carla Romina Pozas /


She hasn’t interrupted Isabel’s feeding even following the birth of her second child, Elena, in October 2017, and insists this is her way of connecting with her children.


Since the births of Isabel and Elena, Carla now posts pictures of her breastfeeding journey on social media to send a message of support to other women who breastfeed.

Carla breastfeeding her three-year-old-daughter.
Carla Romina Pozas /


“I have been breastfeeding them since the moment they were born. I’ve never interrupted Isabel’s breastfeeding even when my second child came into the world; I’ve done tandem breastfeeding since,” Carla said.


“Both of them are exclusively fed with breastmilk. I’ve never given them formula. If Isabel feels sick or in pain for some reason, she drinks a lot, whereas Elena is breastfed on demand, they’re grabbing my breasts almost all day.

Carla breastfeeding her two children simultaneously.
Carla Romina Pozas /


“When I was pregnant, something strange began to happen. I needed to relieve the pain from my breasts. The solution is to mentally distract yourself when you breastfeed.


“I always breastfeed in public. Most people look uncomfortable, so they look the other way. But I will continue to breastfeed my daughters until they don’t want it any longer.”

Carla with her two daughters.
Carla Romina Pozas /


Carla says she now doesn’t want any more children and her husband has had a vasectomy.


She says her experience of breastfeeding now while Isabel is older is much better now than it was before.

Carla admits that breastfeeding both children means they are constantly latched on.
Carla Romina Pozas /


“It’s more comfortable because now she can speak. She knows how to express herself and she knows how to understand when I have to make her wait for example, or tell her to settle in some certain way,” she said.


“Strangers don’t tell me anything anymore but when they commented in the past I would argue with them about technical information. Those who criticise do so from an ignorant standpoint most of the time.

Carla enjoys the connection she gets from breastfeeding her daughters.
Carla Romina Pozas /


“It’s mostly emotional contention, to be connected in such an emotional way is fascinating. They sleep better, as they never have to wait for a midnight snack, they just grab them.


“My eldest daughter eats solids just like the rest of us and with the same timetable, but she also drinks breast milk (and cow milk sometimes).

Carla hasn’t interrupted Isabel’s breastfeeding.
Carla Romina Pozas /


“I like to show my life as it is on social media. I send a message of support and power to women who breastfeed, I try to demolish myths, help with the knowledge I earned with practice.


“I try every day to change the way breastfeeding has been seen by society; it is so natural, so beautiful, so intimate and so necessary for our kids as well, that it’s a fight worth fighting.

Carla with her youngest daughter, Elena who was born October 2017.
Carla Romina Pozas /


“Breastfeeding, like everything in life, has two scenarios; the sweet and the bitter. For me the sweet moments outweigh the bitter ones.


“I am very committed to breastfeeding my daughters. I am aware of the enormous benefits that breastfeeding gives my daughters.

Carla with her three year old daughter.
Carla Romina Pozas /


“It goes beyond nutrition, it’s an absolutely natural compound, without chemical interventions in the industry.


“The milk that my body produces is generated for the needs that my daughters require. Breast milk is a living fluid, formed by bacteria and micro-organisms that provide defences to your immune system.

Carla insists that this is her way of connecting with her children.
Carla Romina Pozas /


“My milk also helps them to induce sleep, because it contains melatonin that coincidentally increases its levels when it is at night.


“I could continue to name a thousand benefits of breastfeeding and that is why I am studying to contribute and help other mothers who may be alone or they do not know how to breastfeed for the first time.”

Carla hasn’t gone a day without feeding both her daughters.
Carla Romina Pozas /