She ignores the discrimination against women in the aviation industry. @blondemouse /

By Rebecca Drew


THIS SEXY VEGAN lawyer became a pilot to defy her ex-boyfriend who told her she could never become one and wants to prove through her social media profile that following a plant-based lifestyle does not make her boring.

Cristiana got her private plane licence six years ago.
@blondemouse /


Legal advisor, Cristiana (43) known as blondemouse on Instagram from Verona, Italy, flies a Citation Mustang after she decided to get her private pilot licence six years ago when her now ex-boyfriend, who was a commercial pilot at the time told her she would never be able to win her wings.

Cristiana flies a Citation Mustang.
@blondemouse /


Determined to prove him wrong, Cristiana became a pilot so she could fly for fun and wants to show her followers that a vegan lifestyle isn’t boring. Since learning to fly, Cristiana has flown to 13 different countries and has flown around California, Nevada and Texas whilst visiting the USA.


A fashionista, incredible photos show how Cristiana keeps it stylish on her travels and up in the air. She says that flying is the best feeling in the world and the benefits of flying a private plane means she can skip checks at the airport and jet to different countries whenever she likes.

Cristiana’s pilot ex-boyfriend told her she would never get her wings, but now she is proving him wrong.
@blondemouse /


“My ex-boyfriend, who was a commercial pilot, once told me that I could never have become a pilot,” said Cristiana.


“That’s when I decided to become a pilot. I had never thought about it before. I decided to become a private pilot, to fly for fun, not to make a business out of it.

Cristiana is a windsurfer as well as a pilot.
@blondemouse /


“Being a pilot is very useful if you don’t like traveling by car or by boat or if you hate checks at the airports.


“If you go somewhere and you get bored you just choose another destination and take off again. Flying yourself gives you a lot of freedom.

Cristiana has received criticism due to being a female pilot.
@blondemouse /


“It’s the best feeling ever because everything is so much better from up there: the world is prettier, weather normally is better. Almost everything looks nice from a plane, even ugly places.


“Flying is interesting, challenging. You need to concentrate, to make decisions. You can never relax during a flight, you have to be attentive, precise, to keep on checking and to be ready for whatever happens. So once you are able to do things properly, it is very satisfactory.”

She likes being able to skip the checks at the airport.
@blondemouse /


As well as flying, Cristiana is a keen windsurfer and says that it is much harder than being in control of a plane.


Cristiana ignores the occasional discrimination she receives from others in the aviation world due to her gender. She decided to share her glamourous lifestyle on Instagram after a friend suggested it and has been inundated with people asking her how to become a pilot since.

Cristiana has flown round Californa, Nevada and Texas.
@blondemouse /


Cristiana became vegan ten years ago out of compassion and her main purpose is to show people that vegan food isn’t just boring and healthy.


“I’m just a vegan girl who has fun flying. Fortunately, I have never had problems in my legal career because I am a woman. There is a certain amount of discrimination against women in aviation, but I just ignore it,” she said.

Cristiana has flown to 13 countries.
@blondemouse /


“It is possible to have fun, to go to beautiful places, to wear sexy or stylish clothes, to be a fashionista, to eat delicious food all whilst respecting animals.


“Every type of life is at the same level and should be respected.

She wants to show people that veganism isn’t boring and just for health.
@blondemouse /


“I want people to understand that being vegan doesn’t mean having a boring life without any pleasure. It’s just the opposite.”


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