Samantha (right) often gets mistaken for Maxie's (left) daughter when they go out. Samantha Crosby /

By Rebecca Drew


THIS YOUNG woman has revealed how she is fed up of strangers thinking her relationship with a man THIRTY-SIX-YEARS her senior is ‘gross’ and wants to one day have his children so she still has a piece of him with her after he dies of old age.


Cosmetology student, Samantha Crosby (24) and paraeducator and musician, Maxie Mills (60) originally from Texas but now living in Spokane, Washington, USA, have been together for six-months after meeting at a live music event where Maxie was playing. After hearing Maxie perform her favourite Fleetwood Mac song, Never Going Back Again, Samantha decided she had to get to know him and made small talk with him after the performance.

Samantha and Maxie.
Samantha Crosby /


Reluctant at first, Maxie was wasn’t that interested, but Samantha didn’t let this stop her and later added him on Facebook and they got chatting and started to date. Attracted by his looks and confidence, Samantha said it was love at first sight for her, whereas Maxie was warier of the age gap between them.


When out and about together, people often mistake Samantha for Maxie’s daughter and when the couple explain they are romantically linked, they receive odd looks but say that their connection goes beyond age.


Maxie has two children, a daughter (40) and a son (35) from his previous marriages who don’t yet know about their relationship, but one day Samantha would like to have her own children with Maxie for ‘sentimental reasons’.

Samantha Crosby /


“I started spending a lot of time with my mother. She enjoys going to wineries around town and listening to live music. One night I went with her to watch a friend of hers who plays in a group at a local winery, from there I quickly made friends with all the gentlemen in the band they are all in their fifties and sixties,” said Samantha.


“One of the band members had shoulder surgery, so he couldn’t play guitar. Maxie filled in for him one night at a bar, my friend Kevin had told me that I would like Maxie, that he was a good guy and like him but with a southern accent.


“After I heard Maxie play my favourite Fleetwood Mac song, I instantly knew I wanted to get to know him. I tried making small talk with him at the bar after he finished playing, but he wasn’t that interested. Later I added him on Facebook, initiated contact, and he was taken aback by it. We slowly started going out on dates.

Samantha (right) often gets mistaken for Maxie’s (left) daughter when they go out.
Samantha Crosby /


“For me yes it was love at first sight, there was something more about him other than his Texan accent that I liked and wanted to get to know. For him I know it was different, he had a hard time coming to terms with my age and our relationship, he has stated to me before that it was my kindness to him that made him choose to give me a chance.


“I was attracted to him initially from his confidence and looks, once I got to know him, he was a better person than anyone else I had ever met. He was and has continuously been charming, kind, romantic and caring.


“Our age gap is 36 years. It hasn’t really caused much of a problem for us right now. I just moved in with Maxie a few weeks ago. I know that in the beginning his friends were hesitant about our relationship, suggesting that I was a gold digger. But since he is a school teacher, not the highest paid occupation, it became apparent that money was not what I was after.

Samantha and Maxie have been together for six months and have recently moved in with eachother.
Samantha Crosby /


“Other than that we both have a hard time dealing with outside people. By that I mean when we go out in public and we refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend and they give us odd looks, or for example we were out at a restaurant for dinner and the chef asked if I was his daughter, and Maxie simply replied back that no his daughter was much older than me.


“I have hard time with the fact that in my eyes he is my boyfriend, my partner and lover, and that everyone else sees our relationship as weird or odd. I have always dated people older than myself so it has never been out of character for me.


“I wish that people had more of an understanding that age is just a number the connection behind it is what means so much more.

Samantha says she has always dated older men so being with Maxie feels natural.
Samantha Crosby /


“I would like to one day have children, I have known for a long time that I want children, but now being with someone much older than me it is sort of more of a sentimental reason, I would like to have children with Maxie because after he passes away I would still have a piece of him.”


Samantha’s family are very supportive of her relationship with Maxie, despite her mum being initially unsure, but after seeing how happy he makes her daughter is fully accepting of the couple.


“The only members of my family that really know is my mother and sisters. One of my sisters hasn’t spoken on the subject to me about it due to the fact that they both live in different states. My mother is very supportive since Maxie has chosen to take me in at a very vulnerable time while I am finishing cosmetology school,” explained Samantha.

The couple have been together for six months.
Samantha Crosby /


“The only member of his family that has expressed any opinion has been his sister who lives across the country, but she supports our relationship and she has told me that she is glad that I make him happy.


“He has two children from two previous marriages and neither of his children know or at least they haven’t said anything to him about us, given that I am younger than his children his daughter is 40 and his son is 35.  Though our relationship is very public.


“I have had several people say that me dating him is gross. At the beginning my mother said that she thought me dating someone 36 years older than me was weird and I told her that that was fine she didn’t have to think it was normal.

For Samantha it was love at first sight when she saw Maxie.
Samantha Crosby /

“Beyond that the usual is people assuming that I am his daughter. As I said he is a musician and he plays all over town so I get a lot of people that make comments when I go to see him.


“Some people apologise and other simply say ‘oh’. I will say among his friends there are people who have taken to me easier than others.”


Finally, Samantha spoke out to people who might criticise her relationship with Maxie.

Samantha (right) often gets mistaken for Maxie’s (left) daughter when they go out.
Samantha Crosby /


“To anyone who might criticise us I would say to think about your relationships with people you have had whether your own age, older or younger,” she said.


“We are all human, and at the end of the day that’s all I am doing is having a relationship which someone who treats me better than I have ever been treated in the past. He allows me to act my age and vice versa.

Samantha (right) often gets mistaken for Maxie’s (left) daughter when they go out.
Samantha Crosby /

“I feel like younger people put older people into a different category. Just because someone is older than me doesn’t mean I don’t have the same things in common with them.

“If it wasn’t for my love of live music and wine I would have never met my boyfriend. He considers me the love of his life.”