Splits. Shikhei Goh / mediadrumimages.com

By Mark McConville


A brutal race where men are dragged through the mud while hanging onto the tails of two charging bulls has been captured in a series of spectacular pictures.

Hang on.
Shikhei Goh / mediadrumimages.com


The incredible images show the brave competitors hanging on for dear life as the huge beasts propel forward at great speed.

Bull race.
Shikhei Goh / mediadrumimages.com


Water and mud is splashed into the air as the cows run, drenching the men whose only hope for survival is to not let go.

Raging bull.
Shikhei Goh / mediadrumimages.com


The remarkable photographs were taken by Shikhei Goh in Sumatra, Indonesia at a festival called Pacu Jawi.

Hanging on for dear life.
Shikhei Goh / mediadrumimages.com


The festival is used to celebrate the harvest of the rice fields but also acts a way to plough the paddy fields and an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the bulls. This allows their owners to get more money for them.

Water and mud is sprayed everywhere.
Shikhei Goh / mediadrumimages.com


A jockey stands on a wooden contraption connected to two bulls, while also holding onto their tails. Sometimes the jockey even bites the bulls’ tails to make them go faster.

Shikhei Goh / mediadrumimages.com


The extreme nature of the sport is apparent in the photos where the bulls separate and the jockeys get stretched trying to hold onto both of them.

Race for life.
Shikhei Goh / mediadrumimages.com


The winning pair of bulls can be sold for several hundred of even thousands of pounds at the end of the festival.