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By Liana Jacob



MEET the blonde bombshell who has spent £15K on surgeries including travelling to Sweden for lip fillers to achieve her ideal look in a bid to reclaim the word ‘bimbo’ to promote positive empowerment for the “bimbo community”.


Entrepreneur, Alicia Amira (28), who lives in London, UK, has fought hard to get rid of the stigma that bimbos are ‘stupid’ and ‘airheads’ by teaching her 284K Instagram followers to embrace their own uniqueness no matter what others might think or say.

Alicia pictured taking a selfie.
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While she has always been a confident woman who has been secure in her looks, Alicia was fascinated by the bimbo culture from just 10 years old. Since then she has transformed her look to live the bimbo lifestyle including undergoing a boob job that has increased her bra size to a H-cup, she has had lip, cheek, nose fillers and Botox.


Her new lifestyle means that she has received a mixture of reactions from people including middle-aged mums who laugh behind her back. Whereas younger women approach her with positivity.

Alicia wants to reclaim the word Bimbo to not mean ‘stupid’ or an ‘airhead’.
Alicia Amira /


Despite negative comments, Alicia has made it her mission to continue to empower young women and girls to help them see that they are beautiful the way they are.


“It’s a lifestyle; the bimbo look and fashion has been around for so long but it’s always been looked down upon because people associate being a bimbo with being stupid or an airhead,” she said.

Alicia wants to encourage women and girls to embrace their uniqueness.
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“I am reclaiming the word bimbo and I’m working hard to change people’s understanding of the word. It’s a fashion, a lifestyle and a fetish.


“Being a bimbo is about empowerment and the freedom to be who you are, look the way you want and do what you love.

Alicia pictured showing her curves in an office.
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“It’s about being comfortable in your sexuality and with your gender and not being afraid of dressing sexual and looking like a stereotypical sexual fantasy.


“The bimbo look is obviously quite extreme; long, blonde hair, big boobs, extreme curves, big lips, lots of makeup, and a flirty personality (but different people can have different versions of the look).


“But being a bimbo is also about creativity, strength and confidence because people will solely judge you for the way you look.


“I’ve made it my mission to empower and encourage other girls and guys to be who they are without having to be oppressed by someone else’s stereotypical idea of what that might be.

Despite being laughed at behind her back, Alicia is determined to empower people with her brand.
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“Since I was ten-years-old, I’ve been in love with the blonde bombshell look. When I was a teenager the girl-power and empowerment among girls wasn’t as common as you see it is today, and I hated that it wasn’t.


“It was very popular to be bitchy, thin and mean towards one another and I simply didn’t associate with that ‘trend’. The only place I could seem to find that girl-power and strength was among girls in the sex industry.


“They had that special bond between them that seemed so special to me. I used to love movies where you got a glimpse of showgirls, strippers dressing rooms, even Playboy mansion etc and I looked up to nineties early noughties porn stars and playmates for inspiration.


“I’ve always been fascinated by icons like Pamela Anderson and Jenna Jameson. It wasn’t really a decision I made one day to become a bimbo, it’s just the look and the fashion that I feel comfortable in.

Alicia is now trying to promote her Bimbo brand.
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“The only reason I didn’t take the plunge before a couple of years back was because of society, judgmental opinions and stigma.


“Luckily I have inspirational parents who have always told me that no one but me knows what’s right for me.


“I live by that every day and try my best to encourage others to go for their dream no matter how people might judge it.


“I’m into body modification as an art form, so I’m not against surgery. I’m simply just stating that the most important thing to understand is that I never ‘changed’ because I felt unhappy with myself before.

Alicia pictured after spending £15K on plastic surgery.
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“I’ve always been confident and happy with myself, the reason for my looks today is solely based on my interest for the art and the fashion I create around it.


“I love to be my own walking fantasy. I’ve only had one surgery and that’s a breast enlargement in 2015. Since then I’ve had some fillers and Botox done.


“Lately I’ve had cheek fillers, lip fillers, nose fillers and Botox but a lot of these procedures is purely to maintain my looks.”


Alicia, who is originally from Denmark, says she has received mixed reactions about her bimbo look from strangers but she believes everyone has a right to look and feel unique in their own skin so any negativity about her looks doesn’t bother her.


“Some people laugh behind my back when I walk past them in the streets, usually those people are forty to fifty-year-old women with kids; which to me is just shocking that you can be so narrow minded yet raise kids,” she said.

Alicia has always been proud of her body and look but she felt empowered by the bimbo lifestyle.
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“It just makes me feel sad for them and not me. I get a lot of attention from men, but what I love the most is when girls come up to me and tell me that they love my style of want to have a picture.


“It’s so cute and so amazing that we as young females has grown into such an acceptance and empowering behaviour towards one another. It truly makes me happy.


“I don’t have a ‘shopping list’ of things I want done, it’s again one of the misconceptions about me. I live day by day and see what happens.


“I am very comfortable with myself and I love my nose and my teeth (even if they aren’t straight) because they are my teeth and it’s what makes me unique.

Alicia is pictured revealing her long blonde hair, H-cup breasts the key features for the bimbo look.
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“I do love the thought of extreme curves though, so one day I’ll want to make my boobs bigger and butt bigger as well, but until then I love my body as it is.


“Why do some people want to dress in black or dye their hair? It’s all about what we as people feel comfortable in.


“Personally, I wish that more girls and guys dared to stand out and be their original true self, but I know it takes courage and guts to do so.


“So, I just hope that some people can be a little bit inspired by my words when I tell them; no one but you know what’s best for you.


“I wish that we as a society weren’t as quick to judge people solely based on their looks. Also, I think it’s so important not to grow up and think that you have to change something about you in order to fit in.”