Amanda hopes to achieve the Barbie look. Amanda Ahola /

By Alyce Collins



THIS woman nearly died in surgery, but it hasn’t stopped her from wanting more plastic surgery, as she searches for a doctor who WILL operate on her, to extend her £35.5K ‘Barbie’ look.


Entrepreneur, Amanda Ahola (22) from Finland will do anything to achieve her ideal Barbie look, after wanting plastic surgery since she was young and nearly dying in her third boob job operation to achieve her 1200cc breasts.

Amanda before any surgery.
Amanda Ahola /


Since the age of 16, Amanda started saving money for the cosmetic surgery that she wanted after dreaming of looking like Barbie, who is her idea of ‘perfect’.


Her first surgery was then two years later in 2014, when she was just 18 and she went through with her first breast augmentation, as she saved the money for her multiple surgeries through working as a cleaner. After having her surgeries, Amanda started doing webcam modelling, despite her boyfriend’s dislike for it.

Amanda after having her nose done.
Amanda Ahola /


Since then, Amanda has gone on to have two more breast surgeries, a nose job and thirty lip fillers, now flaunting 30J size breasts, which are 1200ccs, costing £15,000 between the three operations. She has also had Botox and fillers to shape her face to make it fuller and rounder.


Although she hasn’t yet reached her ideal look, multiple doctors have turned her down for further surgery because of the complications she suffered the last time which increases the chances of it occurring again.

She has had Botox into her face to change the shape of it and she’s had her lips done 30 times.
Amanda Ahola /


In her third and most recent boob job, Amanda suffered a seizure and had swelling on the brain, which caused severe pain for months after the surgery and memory loss of the days immediately after.


“I always knew I was going to have plastic surgery, since I was a child,” said Amanda.

Amanda’s first boob job was aged 18.
Amanda Ahola /


“Before the surgeries, I thought I was good looking and fairly beautiful – everyone always told me so.


“I do really like myself as a person and I love my looks. Nothing is perfect, and I will keep changing things still.

Amanda has spent £35,000 on various plastic surgeries in the last three years.
Amanda Ahola /


“The inspiration for my new look was just my own vision, I always had this vision in my head and it has changed a bit over time, but it’s always stayed similar.


“Changing my body has given me a life I wouldn’t have had without bigger boobs; my life would look totally different without them.”

Amanda shows her 30J sized breasts.
Amanda Ahola /


The first boob job four years ago gave Amanda 460cc boobs, costing £6000 and the second was for 750cc breasts, which was another £3500. Amanda had all three boob jobs in just three years since turning 18, nearly dying by the age of 21 in her final boob job, which cost £5000.


Since having traumatic side effects from her third boob job, Amanda has seen three doctors who have all turned her down for more plastic surgery, so instead Amanda has resorted to less invasive methods of accomplishing her dream look.

Amanda has spent £35K on all of her surgeries.
Amanda Ahola /


Although Amanda’s boyfriend, Aleksi wasn’t keen on his girlfriend being a webcam model at the time, they settled their differences and he wants Amanda to be happy regardless of her work.


To get the smaller waistline that she aspires to, Amanda wears a corset every day and sometimes even through the night, which has so far helped her to lose 6.6 inches from her waist while wearing it.

Amanda wears an 18-inch corset to lose 17cm from her waist.
Amanda Ahola /


Despite having spent £35.5K on various procedures and nearly dying, Amanda still wants to change how she looks with a larger bum, smaller waist, a face lift and new teeth.


“I have asked three doctors for more surgery, but they have all denied me,” added Amanda.

She has had her lips done 30 times.
Amanda Ahola /


“My last boob job was very difficult, I had horrible back pain that made even lying down, walking or sitting nearly impossible. It was hard to do simple things like makeup for weeks.


“I do less invasive procedures all the time now.

Amanda nearly died in her third boob job after suffering a seizure.
Amanda Ahola /


“I wear an 18-inch corset every day, and sometimes at night too. So far, I’ve had a 6.6 inches reduction in my waist while I’m wearing the corset.


“My friends and family accept me, although they don’t necessarily understand me or why I do it, it doesn’t affect our relationships.”

Amanda still wants more surgery.
Amanda Ahola /


Although she hasn’t finished her quest for a full plastic look, Amanda does appreciate the dangers in pushing plastic surgery too far.