Linda said her vows into a hand-held mirror during her ceremony. Linda Doktar /

By Alyce Collins


AFTER breaking up with her partner this blonde beauty vowed to LOVE, RESPECT AND CHERISH “Me” in a ceremony where she married HERSELF.


Conscious coach Linda Doktar (34) from the Gold Coast, Australia, found herself newly single last year and embarked upon a journey of healing and reaffirmation, on which she married herself during an intimate ceremony.

Linda decided to marry herself after a break up made her realise she didn’t love and appreciate herself enough.
Linda Doktar /


On Valentine’s Day 2017, Linda decided to hold a self-marriage ceremony to confirm the emotional journey she had been through and to officially recognise her spiritual transformation.


A close friend of Linda’s, Ej, a relationship coach introduced her to the idea of a self-marriage ceremony as she thought it would be a great step for Linda to take.

Linda is a conscious coach and often speaks in front of audiences.
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“Ej had just began to hold these ceremonies for others, and I thought this was a beautiful concept to symbolise my journey into loving and honouring myself on a deeper level,” said Linda.


“I thought this was a beautiful concept to symbolise my journey into loving and honouring myself on a deeper level.

Linda walking down the walkway before her ceremony.
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“Ej asked me to write my vows and commitments for my special day. She also asked me to choose a dress and a song that would mean a lot to me.


“There was a red satin walkway, lined with rose petals and flowers, it was beautiful.

Linda on the day of her self-marriage ceremony.
Linda Doktar /


“As the ceremony progressed, I read my vows and commitments out loud to myself, while looking into a hand-held mirror.


“I didn’t have any guests, it was just Ej and her two assistants for the photos.

Linda at the start of her walkway before the ceremony.
Linda Doktar /


“I decided to wear a long white summer dress with pastel colours and instead of a ring I wore a necklace that symbolised my commitment to myself.


“When I look back at my ceremony I smile because it reminds me of a turning point in my life when I decided to connect to deeper levels of self-love and self-connection.

Linda married herself on Valentines Day 2017.
Linda Doktar /


“It put me on a path to a better relationship with myself.”


Linda, who kept the ceremony small and intimate and only spent a few hundred dollars on it, chose not to invite people so that she could focus on herself throughout the ceremony. The ceremony was held on a beach in Linda’s home town of the Australian Gold Coast.

Linda regularly posts inspirational posts showing why people should look after themselves first and foremost.
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Self-marriage ceremonies aren’t legally binding, however they are on the rise as more people around the world are vowing to love themselves as more women are rejecting the stereotypical route of marrying a man at a young age.


Although she believes that marrying herself won’t close her off to relationships with other people, Linda wanted to confirm the love and respect she holds for herself through self-marriage.

Linda on holiday.
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“The only person I will have to live with for twenty-four hours a day for the rest of my life is myself,” added Linda.


“I believe that the most important relationship I will ever have is with myself. I know and understand that the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves determines the quality of experiences we have with others.

Linda is now able to enjoy her life and take every moment in.
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“Our external world is a complete reflection of our internal world.


“Some people have judged me, and I have been laughed at, but I’ve mostly been received with love and an open mind.

Linda says her ceremony has reaffirmed her self-appreciation.
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“Many people thought it was a beautiful concept.


“When I look back at my ceremony I smile because it reminds me of a turning point in my life when I decided to connect on a deeper level.

Linda has gained a huge following after regularly posting motivating pictures to her Instagram.
Linda Doktar /


“I am a conscious woman who knows who she is and knows what my self-marriage ceremony meant for me personally.


“After being disconnected from myself for so many years, I now plan to continue on my journey of self-love. This has significantly improved the state of my internal happiness and the relationship and connections I now experience outside of myself.”


You can find out more about Linda’s self-marriage ceremony by visiting her Instagram, @lindadoktar_coaching