Doorway. The Elusive /

By Mark McConville


THIS RUBBISH filled house looks unremarkable on the outside but inside is all that remains of a UK hoarder’s home packed to the rafters with personal effects – including what looks like a rifle and a fireman’s cap which could give a tantalizing clue as to the hoarder’s possible occupation.

Files and papers.
The Elusive /

A clean freak’s worst nightmare, the haunting pictures show how every room is filled with forgotten items with books and records stacked to the ceiling.

Fire service hat.
The Elusive /


It appears hard to move around the house with objects scattered across the floor, while other possessions include a gramophone, an antique-looking rifle, multiple TVs and what seems like a fireman’s black cap from the Surrey Fire and Rescue Service.

stacks of books.
The Elusive /


The creepy photographs were taken by an urban explorer known only as The Elusive after they stumbled upon the house in the Monmouthshire, UK.

Pocket watch.
The Elusive /


“We stumbled across this building in the middle of nowhere; no roads or tracks just fields and hills as far as the eye could see seeing the door open we just decided to take a look,” they said.

Stuff everywhere.
The Elusive /


“I think it’s fair to say the person that lived here was an avid collector. There was just so much stuff everywhere piling out of rooms and corridors, most rooms were impassable without moving items.

No room to move.
The Elusive /


“With its extremely remote location I was kind of baffled as to how this amount of stuff had got there in the first place.

Record player.
The Elusive /


“It was very interesting going through the items that were left it did make me feel a bit sad also as there were military items and old memorabilia books postcards all kinds of stuff from all over the UK.”

The Elusive /


The Elusive, who took these photos with a Nikon D3200, explained it was quite difficult to even get inside the property.

Stacks of papers.
The Elusive /


“It was incredibly difficult to get photographs inside here mainly because it was quite dark very cluttered and there was no way you could get a tripod in there,” they said.

The Elusive /


“The living was completely concealed by stacked up items we had a look around the rest of the house first and then  when we were on the way out was realised it wasn’t a cupboard but an entire room of stuff so high you can only see the very top of the grandfather clock against the back wall.

hoarded items.
The Elusive /


“As with any large place you always wish you had more time to capture everything. I love this kind of photography as you never know what you might find in a place like this.”


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