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THIS MILLENIAL graduate was living the $80K corporate dream until he was SACKED and had to launch a new career in fitness to survive and he now deadlifts over 200kg and earns ten times more than he used to.


Entrepreneur, Jordan Dugger (28) from Ohio, USA, thought he had achieved his dream by the age of 24 when he received a once in a lifetime job offer which turned his life around, until he was unexpectedly thrown out, helping him to realise his dream in fitness and helping others.

Jordan trains at least 5 times a week.
Jordan Dugger / Team DuggAesthetics /


After growing up in a turbulent and broken home, Jordan was surrounded by drug and alcohol addiction while he worked as a labourer from the age of 14. Feeling that education would better him, Jordan chose to go to university, where he discovered his savvy entrepreneurship after starting up two businesses, including a small auto dealership.


When he graduated, Jordan became a regional manager for a Fortune 500 company which required him to relocate to Milwaukee. From this, it was only upwards on the corporate ladder for Jordan, who felt exhilarated by such success straight out of university. A year later, Jordan’s position in the company was eliminated, abruptly ending his rise to the top which sent Jordan through a downward spiral of isolation and panic attacks.

Jordan celebrates turning his life around.
Jordan Dugger / Team DuggAesthetics /


This drove him to contemplate his real passion and what he desired out of life – directing him to a career in fitness. Since transforming his life from a corporate busybody to forming his own coaching company Team DuggAesthetics, Jordan now trains intensely at least five times a week and can deadlift 225kg and bench 180kg.


“The stress of this unknown circumstance allowed me to truly dig deep, and the desperation for some sort of peace of mind would only come from working for myself,” Jordan said.

Jordan Dugger / Team DuggAesthetics /


“My first real job out of university made me feel unstoppable. I thought I wanted to chase the corner office on the 60th floor, with the 401K and annual bonuses.


“It wasn’t until I started pursuing this that I realised that without passion I’m not presenting my best self to the world.

At a young age Jordan started earning and felt that he was unstoppable, until his position in the company was gotten rid of.
Jordan Dugger / Team DuggAesthetics /


“One day I found myself in a boardroom surrounded by executives for the company, listening to them talk about their BMW or their golf game, and I thought ‘I need to get out of this’.


“I started a business plan to become a coach and a full-time entrepreneur.”

Jordan in 2010 and in 2018.
Jordan Dugger / Team DuggAesthetics /


Jordan began to train his new clients and he found a real desire to help people want to better themselves. His spare time was spent reading books and listening to related podcasts and lectures to increase his knowledge and awareness of the fitness world. The growing success of his business has enabled him to employ another fitness coach since his business began.


Jordan’s steady progress later allowed him to start using Instagram and YouTube to market his new business and to share information with clients. Such a drastic change to a positive mindset also enabled Jordan to find love as his change in life enabled him to care for someone other than himself.

Due to an adversive and turbulent childhood, Jordan had very low bone density, however he is now stronger than ever.
Jordan Dugger / Team DuggAesthetics /


“The hardest part was realising I needed to transform my health and my body, but also learn to be positive in a time when I just wanted to be depressed,” added Jordan.


“It took several months of forcing myself to be present and positive, but it changed my perspective on life entirely.

Jordan at the start of his transformation in 2010, compared to Jordan now.
Jordan Dugger / Team DuggAesthetics /


“There isn’t a single day when I don’t wake up excited and ready. I find so much fulfilment through inspiring others and coaching them to change their bodies.”


Jordan is now a nutrition consultant and online fitness coach, and he regularly posts motivational posts about turning his life around and the importance of being happy rather than having a highly paid job.

Jordan with his girlfriend, Erin.
Jordan Dugger / Team DuggAesthetics /


“If you’re working in a job you aren’t happy with, that’s okay because the struggle is part of the journey,” explained Jordan.


“Allow your curiosity to flourish. You don’t have to become an expert but always be in pursuit of this. Pursue your path with intent, patience and never stop being curious.”

Jordan turned his life around by reading books and listening to lectures about fitness to educate himself.
Jordan Dugger / Team DuggAesthetics /


You can find out more by visiting Jordan’s Instagram, @duggaesthetics


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