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By Mark McConville


AN INDIAN man is appealing for government aid to help treat an unknown medical condition that has led to him being labelled as an extra-terrestrial ALIEN in his own village.


Anshu Kumar (21) from Jagatpur, India, believes he suffers from several diseases that doctors have been unable to diagnose and which has left him with an enlarged head and deep-set narrow eyes.

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His condition also causes him walking difficulties while it makes his standing position unusual and he can’t grow any hair on his head. His unusual appearance led villagers to call him an alien after a Bollywood movie reminded them of him.


“I look different and nobody likes me because of this,” Anshu said.

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“I always face sarcasm from people and after one Bollywood movie based on aliens, people started to call me an alien.


“Whenever I travel to my village on the train people and children are frightened by my looks and keep their distance from me.”

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Local doctors have so far been unable to diagnose Anshu’s condition but he and his family maintain hope that a specialist might be able to help him.


Unfortunately, Anshu works as a labourer in Punjab, India which only brings him a meagre income of £50 per month while the total monthly family income sits at around £150 as his father Kamlesh (46) is a casual labour and his mother Rajendri (38) also works in the fields.

Anshu and his youngest brother.
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Because of this the family have been unable to visit a specialist and instead hope government aid will help them diagnose the condition.


“Anshu was born with different physical traits and we took him to the local doctor but the doctor was unable to diagnose the disease properly,” said Kamlesh.

Anshu with his brother. Rare Shot News / mediadrumworld.com


“We lost all hopes of recovery.”


Anshu has two brothers and two sisters and hopes that one day he can look like them and live a normal life.

Anshu with his friends.
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“I want to get normal so that I can marry soon,” he said.


“I ignore people but I cannot close my ears every time. I feel unlucky and hope for a normal physical shape.”

Anshu with his mother and father.
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