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By Mark McConville


EERIE images have revealed an abandoned 250-year-old manor house that has been ransacked and used as a Zombie airsoft location since the death of the Millionaire who intended to restore it.


Creepy pictures show the large derelict rooms of the once-luxurious house, decaying pool and boarded-up exterior with 20 windows overlooking the grounds.

The Elusive /


Other spooky shots show quarantine signs on heavy metal doors, graffiti warnings about American blondes and midgets and what appears to be blood splattered on the walls.


The haunting photographs were taken at Daresbury Hall in Cheshire, UK, by an urban explorer known only as The Elusive.

The Elusive /


“A friend had mentioned airsoft with zombies as something he had done the year before so after some research and lack of future events I thought I would go and see what was happening with the building,” they said.


“It was dark and damp sadness with a hint of zombie as this once loved manor house had been turned into an airsoft location.

The Elusive /


“I love to see what’s left, a hint of how it used to be buried underneath the ransacking. Sometimes, as with this place it’s a double edged sword; imagine what this place could have been with some love and some money and a lot of restoration.


“But more often than not they become victims of arson and they become shells with all of their character gone.”

The Elusive /


Daresbury Hall is a former Georgian country house in the village of Daresbury, Cheshire. It was built in 1759 for George Heron.


The hall descended in the Heron family until 1850, when it became the property of Samuel Beckett Chadwick. By 1892 it had been acquired by Sir Gilbert Greenall, later Baron Daresbury.

The Elusive /


The house is constructed in a Georgian style in brown brick with stone dressings, and has a slate roof. It has three storeys and seven bays with a stone plinth and stone bands between the storeys.


The house is recorded on the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade II* listed building.

The Elusive /

During the Second World War it was used as a military hospital and for some years from 1955 by a charity, now known as Scope, as a residential home for disabled people.


It became semi-derelict after being bought by a millionaire who died before restoration could take place. In April 2015, a huge cannabis farm containing six hundred plants with an estimated street value of £750,000 was discovered at the former county mansion in an annex at the estate.

The Elusive /


Zed Events used the manor house as a location for their Zombie airsoft but events are no longer run there.


In 2016 there were plans to partly demolish and convert the house but in June of that year the empty building was badly damaged by fire.


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