By Alyce Collins


TERRIFYING footage shows highlights of an hour-long ordeal of a mystery woman who nearly died FIFTEEN MILES from shore before being rescued from one of the Mediterranean Sea’s most busy shipping lanes as filmed by a British Coast Guard.


The shocking incident occurred on the 16.15 ferry going from Athens to Aegina last week when passengers aboard spotted a figure bobbing in the water nearby.

Alan Wood / Mother Ship Adrift /


After realising it was a stranded woman who needed rescuing, a life buoy was thrown from the ferry towards her. She swam towards it and grabbed onto it for dear life.


Part of the rescue team is then seen swimming towards her and pulling her to the side of the ferry. Their attempts at scaling the side of the ferry failed and the man then drags the stranded woman to the far end of the ferry where a ramp was lowered into the water to pull her aboard. The woman was exhausted and unable to move, but alive and breathing according to witnesses.

Alan Wood / Mother Ship Adrift /


The incident was caught on camera by Alan Wood (49), originally from Brighton, UK, who is now travelling the world in a sailboat with his wife, Irenka (47), a former member of the RNLI, and their three children.


“I was in complete disbelief that even though we were miles offshore and in a major shipping channel there could be someone in the water,” Alan said.

Alan Wood / Mother Ship Adrift /


“We were about half way between Athens and Aegina Island in the Saronic Gulf.


“We were travelling at about fifteen knots when we heard screams, someone shouted that there was a person in the water.

Alan Wood / Mother Ship Adrift /


“Since we live on a boat and me and my wife are both Royal Yacht Association instructors, we instinctively shouted and pointed – and the kids did the same.


“Once the woman was brought to safety she was given the medical attention she required and was taken back to shore for further treatment via a patrol boat.

Alan Wood / Mother Ship Adrift /


“The woman seemed exhausted and very pale, but she was conscious, breathing and able to communicate a little.


“My wife stood by to monitor her condition and to offer first aid should the woman fall into unconsciousness.”

Alan Wood / Mother Ship Adrift /


Tim and Irenka are travelling across the world with their three children in their family’s sailboat and trying to encourage other families to lead a life of adventure and travelling.

Alan Wood / Mother Ship Adrift /


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