By Rebecca Drew

THIS STUNNING mum-of-two who has more than 18.5K Instagram followers is in the shape of her life at FORTY-THREE and is on a mission to help other women transform their bodies from the comfort of their own home.

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Online fitness and lifestyle coach, Sandra Nishiyama (43) from Los Angeles, California, USA, was left feeling miserable and depressed by her post-baby body. Unhappy with her figure, she spent hours crying in shop changing rooms and would wear baggy trousers in the height of summer. At 13st 3lbs, Sandra decided to make a change and started doing home workouts while her baby slept.

Now a happy and healthy 8st 3lbs, Sandra has never felt younger and says she has cured her anxiety and depression through her new lifestyle.

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“I struggled many years sticking to an exercise program and was frankly doing all the wrong things and eating the wrong things. When I got pregnant six years ago, I gained 65 pounds and found myself very depressed,” said Sandra.

“I felt so discouraged and miserable when I was overweight. I also suffered from severe fatigue, which I am sure being depressed played a factor in. I would cry in dressing room mirrors, wear baggy pants all summer, not want to be touched by my spouse and was very disgusted in myself and what I had allowed to happen.

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“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and realised that nothing would change unless I got up and did something about it.

“I found home workout programs and committed to doing it every single day while my baby napped. I never did workouts like these. They were hard, but the variety and structure kept me on track. It was convenient since I was a new mom and couldn’t get to the gym and the results were like nothing I have seen before so I was hooked. These are the same programs I have my clients do.

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“My life has completely changed. I have never been more fit and happy in my life. The discipline over the last six years has changed me in every way. I am 43 and have never felt younger. I used to hate doing any sort of activities outside and now my family lives a healthy lifestyle full of hiking, family walks and any other activity that I used to turn down.

“I have cured my own depression and anxiety with this lifestyle and went from insecure and unconfident to a lady who inspires many with her story. I have also done a lot of personal development which helps me lead and transform my clients lives and thinking.

“I am confident and a leader now. I love who I have become and feel I have claimed my life back. Now it’s my message so that I can help and inspire as many people as possible.

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“I also am a mentor to ladies who want to take the same journey of becoming the best versions of themselves and also become a coach like myself. I frankly have become unstoppable.

“I have learned how to eat properly and now teach people how to eat according to their goals. The biggest things that I have changed is eating less processed food, upped my protein intake and stopped ‘dieting’.”

Sandra shares her journey on Instagram under the handle @sandrafitnish, she spoke about what she found the most difficult about her transformation and gave her words of advice to others.

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“The hardest part was staying consistent when I first started my journey. When you are very out of shape it’s a struggle getting through hard workouts. The mental aspect is the hardest thing to overcome and learning how to shut off your brain from talking you out of doing the things you need to do but don’t want to do,” she said.

“Once you become fit, it’s much easier to stay consistent and you actually get to a point where you crave the endorphins you get from your workouts. I help ladies stay consistent long enough to get to that point.

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“Now that my body and life has transformed, I would never go back to my old lifestyle and I love helping people with stuff that will get them results because I know how frustrating it is to work out and not see changes. I wish I knew then what I know now. That is why I love helping others achieve awesome results.

“My advice for anyone struggling or not knowing where to start is to contact me! I will give them step by step workouts to do from their living room and detailed meal plans and tons of support and nutrition education to help them get the best results of their life.

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“I would recommend joining my online challenge group to get support from other ladies on their same journey as well.”

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