By Liana Jacob

MEET real-life Barbie who has attracted the financial support of sugar daddies to complete her incredible £28K ($40K) transformation on lip fillers, breast augmentation and Botox giving her incredible 800cc volume boobs.

Business woman, Katie Rose (34), from LA, USA, battled with depression while growing up and her experience with mental health motivated her to start living the life she’s always wanted, despite what anybody thought of her.

Before. Katie Rose /


She began to experience health problems after being diagnosed with cancer in 2016 that prompted her to have her first breast reconstruction procedure. She has since spent over £28,100 ($40K) on lip fillers, a G-Cup boob job and Botox.

She has now found confidence in her new Barbie physique and has been gathering positive male attention, particularly from sugar daddies.

Before. Katie Rose /


“I have had a lot of positive support from sugar daddies and always love people who contribute to my journey,” she said.

“The reactions from people have always been positive. I get looks all the time and people tell me how they love my lips, or my ‘boobs are so amazing. What doctor did you go to?’

Now. Katie Rose /

“I only allow positivity in my life, I do not have time for any negativity. If someone wants to do that they just shouldn’t share that with me.

“I will block them on social media or just ignore them. I don’t care what they think. I am so happy and that’s all that matters.”
Katie explained how she first got the idea to become a real-life Barbie.

Now. Katie Rose /


“I had a great childhood and a lot of ups and downs and battled with some depression later in life. Through my depression came a lot of positivity and I started to embrace myself and started living a life I could really be happy with,” she said.

“It was really hard to get to the point where you stop caring what everyone else thinks and start living a life for you.

Now. Katie Rose /


“There are a lot of things in society, family and friends that can prevent people from living for themselves.

“Once I started truly living my life for me and embracing what I want, I was able to grow and learn about what I call plastic positive.

“Plastic positive to me means that you are living a positive life and doing all the plastic things you want.

Now. Katie Rose /


“With plastic surgery you can’t put a price on it, this is something that can change your life and increase confidence.

“It changes you and for me made me more of a woman, I gained so much self-confidence that I can’t explain it.

“I first had some health concerns which caused me to have a breast reconstruction surgery. I went to 450cc silicone ultra-high profile.

Now. Katie Rose /


“I was still having some health concerns, so I had another breast augmentation to 800cc. Going this big was something I wanted to do because one; I really wanted them bigger and two; I had the Barbie doll look in mind and I wanted to do that.

“The first procedure was back in 2016. I was very nervous about it and after it was done I was amazed at how it had instantly changed me.

“I get maintenance every so often maybe like every six months. I am not trying to be anyone, I am just being myself and living the life I was always meant to live.

Now. Katie Rose /

“As a child my role model was always Barbie, she was beautiful and always put together. I do consider myself my own Barbie doll.”

As well as a boob job, lip fillers and Botox, Katie has also had a butt augmentation and plans to get another boob job as well as a neck lift, more lip fillers and Botox.

Now. Katie Rose /

“Be true to yourself and live your life for you. You get one life to live and be happy. I am beyond grateful for everything that has come my way and things I have been able to do with the help of others.”

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