Southern stingrays (Dasyatis americana) swimming over a sand bar in the early morning. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. British West Indies. Caribbean Sea. Alex Mustard / /

By Mark McConville

A HILARIOUS selfie-taking turtle has been revealed in a new book by a pair of adventurous British divers celebrating life under the sea.

Secrets of the Seas front cover. Alex Mustard / /


The angle of the photograph makes it appear as if the Hawksbill turtle is taking the photo itself while it feeds on soft corals.

Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) feeding on soft corals. Ras Mohammed Marine Park, Sinai, Egypt. Red Sea. Alex Mustard / /


Not to be outdone sea lions and seals have once again been proving their mischievous nature as they play with the photographer. One sea lion even carries a starfish in its mouth as if looking to play fetch.

Other stunning shots featured in the book include a Nassau grouper and large male Napoleon wrasse yawning and showing off their huge mouths and a Mediterranean parrotfish flashing a cheeky smile as its portrait is taken.

An Australian Sea Lion (Neophoca cinerea) bathing in the sun at the surface. Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia. Southern Ocean. Alex Mustard / /


The spectacular underwater snaps are showcased in Secrets of the Seas: A Journey into the Heart of the Oceans by Alex Mustard and Callum Roberts.

The book, published by Bloomsbury, offers an insight into the mysterious world that exists in the oceans.

A portrait of a Mediterranean parrotfish (Sparisoma cretense) above an algae covered rock. El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain. East Atlantic Ocean. Alex Mustard / /


“The book tells ten stories from the oceans and is a collaboration with Callum Roberts, Professor of Marine Conservation and my favourite writer on the oceans,” Alex said.

“Sharing insights into how creatures live their lives, revealing behaviour, characters, seascapes, the beautiful and the bizarre; it helps you get to know the ocean more deeply and then uses the facts it shares to help you properly understand the threats to our changing sea.”

Large female Southern stingray (Dasyatis americana) in shallow water, under storm clouds, Stingray City, Grand Cayman. Alex Mustard / /


The crisp images by Alex Mustard almost jump off the page as they invite you to learn more about the secrets of the seas.

Leading natural history writer Professor Callum Roberts provides extended captions for each mesmerising image as well as an essay to explain each chapter.

Aggregation of Golden jellyfish (Mastigias sp.) in a marine lake in Palau, the golden colour of this species comes from symbiotic algae in its tissues. Jellyfish Lake, Eil Malk island, Rock Islands, Palau. Tropical north Pacific Ocean. Alex Mustard / /


Secrets of the Seas, published by Bloomsbury, is available to purchase now with an RRP of £25.

The book can be bought online for a slightly discounted price at: