By Liana Jacob

MEET the ripped muscle dad who deadlifts two-hundred-and-ninety kilograms, gets stopped in the street by strangers admiring his physique and has become a hero to his girlfriend and fitness partner.

Knut Oines (53), from Norway, who has five children, came from an extremely sporty background; training weights since he was 16 and is a Norwegian champion in four different sports; long-jump, bob-sleighing, rowing and bodybuilding, which he started doing when he was 40.

When he was age 16 (on the left). Knut Oines /


When the six-foot-tall bodybuilder was 18, he was 11st 11Ibs and had a bicep of 11.8 inches, but after developing an interest in bulking, he upped his weight training to one hour and 15 minutes, five to six days a week.

After changing his gym routine, he bulked up to 17st 5Ibs and now has a bicep of nearly 19 inches and has had people stop him in the street for selfies in America and Asia.

Age 32 with his son. Knut Oines /


“I love the look of a well-trained man with muscles. Always have,” Knut said.

“It’s a great feeling to look forward to getting up in the morning just because you want to see yourself in the mirror.

“I’ve always trained and never felt bad about how I looked, but I love the improvements I have made over the last thirty-five years.

From age 19 to 52 (before and after). Knut Oines /


“Now I also do a lot of cardio, so I am also in better shape to go running and hiking than I was five years back.

“I train efficiently for one hour and fifteen minutes with weights five to six days a week, plus three times a week doing cardio for thirty minutes.

From age 39 to 51 (before and after). Knut Oines /


“Most of the reactions I receive are very positive, but I know some people, especially in Norway, that talk shit behind my back, but when I’m in America and Asia people want to take pictures of me all the time. I like that.”

His girlfriend, Kristine (34), couldn’t believe he was 50 when they first met.

Now. Knut Oines /


“His body reflects that he takes care of himself. We met through training and I liked his physique straight away,” she said.

“We work out together at the local gym, but also travel together and workout at new places. He makes me push myself even further when training, he makes it fun and shares his experience and knowledge with me.

Now. Knut Oines /


“His healthy lifestyle injects a lot of energy and passion into our relationship.”

The bodybuilding champion can bench press 210kg, can squat 240kg for seven reps at a time and aims to make a new personal record this year by deadlifting 300kg.

At 50 years old. Knut Oines /


His footballer son, Magnus (20), says he is proud of his dad and has now decided to follow in his footsteps by starting to train with weights.

“I eat around four-thousand calories a day; bread oatmeal, rice, chicken, beef and eggs and also a lot of vegetables,” Knut said.

Now. Knut Oines /


I have trained weights since I was sixteen years old, but I started bodybuilding first when I was forty. You should start slowly. Make a moderate plan that you can stick to for a long time.”

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