By Ben Wheeler

MEET the stunning Essex woman who has overcome the weight and confidence issues she struggled with throughout her childhood and teens to become a toned gym hottie.

Rosie Brown, 24, from Chelmsford, Essex was overweight as a child making her extremely self-conscious but fell in love with exercise when she was 17 and hasn’t looked back since.

Rosie Brown /


She now shares her fitness journey with her 15k Instagram followers in the hope of inspiring and informing others on how to approach healthy living.

“I was overweight as a child and in my early teens due to a lack of exercise,” Rosie recalled.

Rosie Brown /


“I was very self-conscious before, so I started exercising at age 17 because I’d had enough after years of struggling with my weight.

“It’s tough when you look on social media and you see the best parts of people’s lives and physiques, it’s hard not to compare yourself to someone else.

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“I started in the gym doing various HIIT classes, running and swimming. After struggling with confidence throughout my teenage years exercise really helped me to overcome this.”

Rosie went on to speak in more detail about the strict diet and fitness regime that have produced her amazing results.

“I weight train six days a week, three lower body and three upper body,” she said.

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“I also do around three cardio sessions a week with all my sessions lasting between an hour and an hour-and-a-half. I also walk a lot with my puppy.

“In terms of what I eat, there’s no secrets, just a balanced diet. I eat a mainly plant based diet with lots of vegetables, protein and complex carbohydrates.

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“I’d say I eat anywhere between 1800 and 2200 calories a day and I try to listen to my body as much as possible, so I’ll eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full.

“For me food is the easy bit as I love cooking and eating well and love how it makes me feel.

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“For me the hardest thing is pushing myself to the next level in terms of lifting heavier weights, it’s easy to stay in your comfort zone but to see changes, you need to push past this.”

Finally, Rosie explained the important role that social media has played in her fitness journey as well as giving advice to anyone looking to get in shape.

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“I started my fitness account to share my journey and provide information to others on how they can improve their approach to healthy living,” she said.

“Social media has opened up so many opportunities for me ranging from photo shoots to collaborations.

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“I will only ever work with products and brands that I believe in and would genuinely use as my aim is to help and advise people.

“So far I have only had positive feedback and reactions. I get messages daily from people saying that I have inspired them, and they love the content I produce.

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“My advice for anyone looking to change their lifestyle would be to focus on the long-term goal.

“Fitness is a lifestyle and you need to enjoy what you’re doing. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing and find a maintainable, healthy lifestyle that suits you.”