By Ben Wheeler

FASCINATING footage dating from the 1966 Commonwealth Games in Kingston, Jamaica showing Prince Philip and a teenage Prince Charles competing in Polo, has resurfaced this week.

Both Princes took to field on different teams, Charles representing a teenager’s team in what was his first public appearance as a polo player, whilst Philip can be seen scoring a goal for the senior side as his son and daughter, Anne, spectate in the crowd.

Charles. Public Domain /


“On the island of Jamaica in the West Indies, Prince Philip and his son Prince Charles, sporting number one on his shirt add a royal touch to the Commonwealth Games at Kingston,” states the narrator.

“Polo is their game, the heir to the throne competing on a teenager’s team. Making his first public appearance as a polo player the young prince rides like a cowboy.

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“In perfect co-ordination, lad and pony gallop goalward. Prince Philip canters with the elders, as his son and daughter, Anne watch from the side lines.

“It’s an action full chukka and it’s Queen Elizabeth’s husband who scores the goal.”

Charles and Anne. Public Domain /


The 1966 games took place from 4 to 13 August and were the first time that the event had been held outside the so-called White Dominions, which included Australia, Canada and South Africa.

The English team were victorious at the games, winning ten more gold medals than their Australian counterparts who finished runners-up.

The victory came hot on the heels of the nation’s one and only FIFA World Cup success just days earlier, in what was a halcyon year for English sport.

Charles and Anne. Public Domain /


The Royal Family have a long tradition of playing polo, with Philip retiring from the sport six years after the Commonwealth Games, in 1972. Charles continued playing competitively until 1992, although he did continue to play informally until 2005 before finally hanging up his saddle.

It is a tradition that Charles’ two sons, William and Harry, have continued with both princes regularly competing in the sport.

Philip. Public Domain /


Harry’s fiancé, Meghan Markle, even made an outing at Coworth Park Polo Club near Ascot in May of last year to cheer on her beau from the Royal box, in what was her first outing at an official society function.

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The pair were spotted sharing a kiss at the event in the run up to their engagement announcement and it has even been rumoured that the American actress is so enamoured with the sport that she plans to take up lessons herself.