By Liana Jacob

MEET the fifty-one-year-old bodybuilding dad who can deadlift more than double his own bodyweight and has competed in competitions after being inspired by his son who people often mistake as his brother.

Manager and father-of-two, Roberto Casarotto (51), from Trento, Italy, has been weight lifting and body building for a year and a half thanks to his son, Stefan (23), who had already started taking part in bodybuilding competitions.

Before and after. Roberto Casarotto /


Previously, Roberto was not happy with his look or 14st 1lb body and wanted to hone his physique into that of a bodybuilding champion. After a year of intense training, he now boasts a well sculpted torso, weight of 12st 8Ibs and a bicep size of 41 inches.

Roberto can deadlift an incredible 160kg and came second place in a national Italian bodybuilding contest in the ‘over 40s’ category.

Roberto and his son (left) Roberto Casarotto /

“My son inspired me to sculpt my body; he decided to compete, and I joined him. We have started to train very hard together, and we helped each other progress,” Roberto said.

“Everyone asks us if we are brothers. When we say no we are father and son they are very surprised.

Roberto Casarotto /


“I started seriously bodybuilding in September 2016. My goal was to compete in May 2017,” Roberto said.

“In May 2017, I came sixth place at the Ifbb Nord Italia Men’s Physique Over 40 category and in November, I came second place at the Ifbb Notte delle Stelle Men’s Physique Master 40 category.

roberto with his son (left). Roberto Casarotto /

“My son inspired me to sculpt my body; he decided to compete and I joined him. We have started to train very hard together and we helped each other progress.

“Training in two is important; it allows you to push yourself to the limit. I was not happy with my body. I have always seen other people with the perfect physique and I decided that this was what I wanted.

Roberto Casarotto /

“I am very satisfied now, but as you know, to have a goal is the first power for training hard and getting a better physique.

“I train four times a week for two hours. When I’m closer to the competition date I up my training to five or six times a week.

Roberto Casarotto /

“Food plays an important role; my diet is different during the year. In any case, I have to keep my consumption of macronutrient carbohydrates under control, with the addition of protein and fats.

“For a bodybuilder, diet rise, and chicken are the main base and you have to add all of the correct supplements.”

Roberto’s new physique has made him feel very confident and this has driven him to work harder.

Roberto Casarotto /


“When you start to see the change, you appreciate what you see in the mirror and this makes you feel good,” he said.

“Your physique changes radically; you can see change every month according to different training and diet routines.

“Having a good physique makes you feel better psychologically, which makes you have more energy and power.

Roberto Casarotto /


“If you are unable to get your desired results, you are probably doing something wrong. So, my suggestion is to speak with a coach, and most importantly, never give up.”

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