By Ben Wheeler

MEET this stunning fitness professional whose tough diet regimen of intermittent fasting has helped her gain a powerful, athletic body to die for.

Bank Compliance Manager Kamila Skowera, 33, who lives in London but is originally from Walbrzych, Poland was originally an endurance athlete until an injury lead her into the world of weightlifting, from which she has never turned back.

Kamila Skowera /


Images show the stunning Pole showing off her enviable six-pack and toned physique that have seen her compete in the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) World Championships at London’s O2 arena in 2017.

“I follow a 16:8 protocol which means I do sixteen hours of fasting and an eight-hour eating window,” she said.

“Intermittent fasting is the latest protocol that me and my coach decided to implement into my fitness routine.

Before and after. Kamila Skowera /


“It is absolutely incredible, I loved it from the first week! Some people can take a few weeks to get used to it, but I clicked straight away.

“Apart from the incredible benefits that intermittent fasting gives you, it also helps to regulate processes in your body, for me it was mainly the focus I needed to work full time and not having foggy brain in the morning, which made a huge difference.”

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Kamila went on to discuss in detail the fitness journey that has led her to where she is today, having previously been a keen runner before being struck down by injury.

“I was never out of shape and always active, so I’ve never had any issues with body image, even when I was a higher weight,” she said.

“I was always more of an endurance person and come from a running background, I only started lifting weights as I injured myself just before one of my races.

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“Nowadays I have to limit my running to almost none as it doesn’t go together with bodybuilding, although I’m still proud of having run a marathon.

“After building myself up, I registered for my first fitness competition 18 months ago as I wanted to try something new.

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“I initially started competing in the bikini category and after the first prep I realised that it was fitness that I belong to and then went through eight months prep in order to put more lean muscle on my frame.

“In August last year I competed on the WBFF stage at London’s O2 in the World Championship, where I got my pro card and am now preparing to compete in my first pro show in Los Angeles in April.”

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Kamila also expanded on the strict diet and gym routine that have played a key part in sculpting her sensational figure.

“There is no secret to what I do but for some reason people don’t want to accept the fact that nutrition is the key to body composition goals,” she said.

“My diet is always based on whole food and most often I follow the 80:20 rule of eighty percent whole food and twenty percent processed food.

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“Calories really depend on whether I’m preparing for a competition or not, so I switch between deficit, maintenance and surplus depending on my requirements.

“My gym routine also depends on what my goals are, in the off season I will do lighter work but when I am prepping to compete as I am now then I usually do two sessions between 45 and 70 minutes each per day, six days a week.

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“Luckily I am more the kind of person who needs to be kicked out of the gym rather than kicked into it!”

“Fitness requires mental focus and discipline and allows you to work on personal development as well as aesthetic goals. If taken seriously it’s incredible as when you focus on your ultimate goals it can change your life in no time.”