By Mark McConville

AS BRITAIN experiences its coldest temperatures for some years, some Red squirrels show how to wait it out – in their very own igloo.

Incredible images show the squirrels enjoying hanging out in their little snow home as one peeks out the door while the other plays on the roof.

Geert Weggen /


Amusing video footage shows one squirrel exploring his temporary house as he hunts for food near his post box and toboggan before he eats a nut from the photographer’s mouth.

The light-hearted photographs were taken in Bispgården, Sweden by local artist and photographer Geert Weggen (49).

Geert Weggen /


“These are scenes with an igloo with different kind of props and different squirrels,” he said.

“Red squirrels are looking for food (sunflower seeds) in the scenes. Food is in the igloo in the mailbox and hanging in the air.

Geert Weggen /


“It is wonderful to build some things out of snow using as props for squirrels. The igloo is a prop that can be used in different ways – climbing on it, sitting in it etc.

“The igloo comes out of a sort of fantasy world. Most people will never see a real igloo where people live, but it has been used in cartoons etc so often that it has stuck in the mind of imagination.”

Geert Weggen /


Geert used a Nikon 810 to take the photos at the outside on the side of his house. The studio opens directly onto a forest where the squirrels come from.

He explained the problems he ran into during the shoot and what he loves about photographing squirrels.

“Squirrels are able to hold things like apes or humans and beside that they can walk on two legs,” added Geert.

Geert Weggen /


“That makes them perfect to capture them in situations what humans do. They are a wonderful size to create miniature and fantasy worlds.

This kind of shooting is creating fairytales in reality.

Geert Weggen /

“It often takes some days for these wild squirrels to get used to some props which are challenging.

“They first want to avoid being inside the igloo, but the squirrels learn fast where to find the food and do everything for food.

“The squirrels took the mailbox away at different times and luckily I found it again. The sunflower seeds make a mess and after every visit from the squirrels I clean the snow from seed waste and bring in new snow and build up the scene.”