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By Rebecca Drew

THIS WOMAN shed more than ten-stone in less than two-years after her weight made her become a hermit as she couldn’t keep up with her friends and family when out and about.

Before her incredible transformation, administrative assistant, Jess Adkins (30) from Pikeville, Kentucky, USA, would eat fast food multiple times a day which left her feeling miserable and embarrassed. It wasn’t until she struggled to walk to her seat at a sporting event without a break that Jess decided to make a change.

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At 20st 5lbs and a UK size 28, Jess went on a low carb diet and lost 2st 2lbs in four months before having vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Since her surgery, Jess has stuck to a low carb keto diet and walks for three to five miles, six days a week. Now, she is a super healthy and confident 10st 2lbs and a UK size eight.

“I was consuming fast food on a daily basis – sometimes multiple times a day,” said Jess.

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“I felt miserable. I had become a hermit because I was embarrassed about how I looked and I was also constantly exhausted and couldn’t keep up the same pace as my friends and family.

“After a humiliating experience where I couldn’t get to my seat at a sporting event without taking a break every ten steps – I knew right then something had to change.

“I went from having fast food every day to very rarely ever having it. I no longer eat bread, rice, or pasta. I don’t eat sugar.

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“Losing weight has changed my life. I have so much more confidence now.

“I no longer turn down invites to events to avoid being seen and when I do attend events, I feel better once I get there and can keep up physically with everyone else.”

Jess Adkins /


Proud of her achievements, Jess believes that having weight loss surgery is not an easy option as most of her struggle with her weight has been in the mind.

“The mental struggle is so hard. So many say that weight loss surgery is the easy way out. It’s not true,” she said.

Jess Adkins /

“The surgery was on the stomach, not on the mind. So, you can still want the foods you had before but you have to convince yourself that you like your health better than you would like the taste of the food.

“Look on social media for help on where to start. Instagram and YouTube are great. Search the sites and find tips from others. It’s honestly helped me so much.”

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