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By Ben Wheeler

MEET the ‘plastic guy’ who admits he is so addicted to lip fillers he spent £5000 on Botox as part of his quest to look like his idol Marilyn Monroe.

Images show Waiter, Cyril Roux, 32, from Toulon, France before and after his dramatic procedures which see him have 1ml of filler injected into each lip on a regular basis.

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Cyril discussed what kick-started his love for cosmetic surgery, talking more about the procedures he’s had to date and his reasons for having them.

“I was first attracted to cosmetic procedures as I wanted to look younger and more like my inspiration, Marilyn Monroe,” he said.

Cyril before. Cyril Roux /


“At the age of 26 I had my first procedure, a Botox session, which was a great experience and just made me want more.

“I’ve now had over twenty procedures including sixteen lip fillers over the last year-and-a-half, which I get topped up with 1ml of filler in each lip every two months.

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“I’ve now spent over £3,500 on my lips alone and over £5,000 on cosmetic procedures in total.”

Not content with stopping there, Cyril, who admits to being addicted the procedures, now has plans for further procedures on top of his regular lip top ups.

Cyril now. Cyril Roux /


“I’m hoping to have a nose job and get chin and cheek implants in the future,” he said.

“My next procedure will be a nose job in Tunisia, I’m just waiting because I still don’t have the £2,000 to pay for it at the moment.

Cyril after his numerous procedures. Cyril Roux /

“I think I could say that I’m an addict to injections.

“I often get haters, people that I don’t even know sometimes laugh at me and say I look weird when they look at me.

Cyril now. Cyril Roux /


“But I’m proud to be a plastic guy and will continue to do it, as for people looking at me and judging me, I don’t care.

“At the end of the day, beauty is very important not for others but yourself.”