By Mark McConville

REMARKABLE action photos have caught a hungry lioness taking down an unsuspecting zebra to the shock of the British tourists who witnessed the moment of nature at its most raw.

The stunning images show the 300-pound lioness attempting to creep up on her prey, but receiving a firm kick to the face for her troubles. Other shots show the predator pouncing on the plucky zebra, eventually taking it to the ground before feasting on the spoils of her success.

MASAI MARA, KENYA. Clement Kiragu /


The snaps were taken in Masai Mara, Kenya by local professional wildlife photographer Clement Kiragu (36) from Nairobi.

“I conduct photographic safaris in Kenya,” he said.

“On this trip, I had taken some guests from England. While out there looking for photo opportunities, we started following this lioness who had very small cubs.

MASAI MARA, KENYA. Clement Kiragu /


“She was just walking her cubs to a nearby hide out and she saw an opportunity to hunt.

“I will never forget this moment because it happened on my morning game drive, on my birthday.

MASAI MARA, KENYA. Clement Kiragu /


“I had been praying for me and my guests to witness something special and nature gifted us with just that. It was also my first time to witness a lioness kill.”

The British tourists were left speechless after witnessing the spectacular kill.

“My guests had no words,” said Clement.

MASAI MARA, KENYA. Clement Kiragu /


“They had never seen a lioness hunt before and later they couldn’t stop talking about it.

“They said they couldn’t wait to go back home and show all their friends what they had witnessed.”

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