After. Agnieszka Krakowska / Sandra Krakowska /

By Liana Jacob

MEET the sexy twin Barbies who went through a Freaky Friday weight swap after entering into bodybuilding careers in their bid to resemble bikini fitness competitors on Instagram and have collectively gathered over 63K followers.

Bodybuilding instructors, Sandra and Agnieszka Krakowska (23), from Warsaw, Poland, trained in volleyball for 12 years which made them feel like they could eat everything while not doing any other regular workouts.

Since they have a fast metabolism, their unhealthy eating habits did not affect their external appearance before their transformations, with Sandra weighing 10st 8Ibs and Agnieszka weighing 11st.

Before. Agnieszka Krakowska / Sandra Krakowska /


The twins came across various bikini competition accounts on social media that made them jealous and eager to look like them. At first, they were keen to enter into bikini competitions, but decided to do bodybuilding exercises including weight lifting in the gym instead.

Now they regularly incorporate these workouts into their routine, sometimes using each other for weight lifting exercises resulting in their weight swap; Sandra gained 9Ibs of muscle, now 11st 3Ibs, whereas Agnieszka lost 9Ibs, now 10st 6Ibs.

“You know? We at everything but we have a very good metabolism, so we were just slim, now we don’t want just a slim body, we prefer a healthy and athletic body,” Agnieszka said.

Before Agnieszka Krakowska / Sandra Krakowska /


“Everybody can be slim, for example thanks to genetics (like us), but if you have an athletic body it means that you have put a lot of effort into it; for us, this is motivation. Before we just looked like normal girls.

“We envied all girls who starred in bikini fitness competitions and girls from Instagram. It was our dream to look like them.

“At the beginning we wanted to enter these competitions, but after a year we changed our minds and decided to train at the gym only.

“Over time we have forgotten about trying to win and until today we are training for ourselves to motivate other people.

After Agnieszka Krakowska / Sandra Krakowska /


“The gym is our addiction. It’s great that we now look at our body changes and know that we have worked hard to achieve them.”

“We have put one-hundred-and-ten percent in this and what we wanted to achieve. We were and are very determined,” Sandra added.

“We trained a long time in volleyball, so we knew how hard we had to work to achieve our goals. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but we wanted to try.

After. Agnieszka Krakowska / Sandra Krakowska /


“We now train six times a week; every workout we practise different parts of the muscles. We only booty train two to three times a week; one of those times we work on our legs and the other two times we work only on our bums.

“Our transformations have completely changed our lives. We have met a lot of wonderful people who are just as addicted to this active and healthy lifestyle as we are.

“Thanks to our experiences and the courses which we finished, we can now help other people to achieve their goals and change their lives for the better. We love to help people.”

“It was the best decision in our lives; mentally and physically we are now the completely opposite people than we were before,” Agnieszka added.

“We have gained a lot of self-confidence and believe that if we work hard enough, we can achieve anything. Thanks to the decisions we made, we have learnt self-discipline.”

After. Agnieszka Krakowska / Sandra Krakowska /


Shaking off their previous unhealthy habits was a challenge for the blonde twins, who say that they ate fast food meals every day thinking it was acceptable if they did their volleyball workouts every day.

“At the beginning we thought that if we train every day we don’t need a diet, that’s why we trained hard, but we did not apply a healthy diet to our lifestyle,” Agnieszka said.

“But after changing everything, to this day, we stick to a healthy, well-balanced diet and we no longer miss fast food and sweets; although once a week we do have a cheat meal.”

After. Agnieszka Krakowska / Sandra Krakowska /


Sandra added: “People are stunned. They believe that if we can do it, then they can do it too. There are people who think that we have photoshopped our pictures or underwent surgery; particularly regarding our booties.”

“Just start and believe in yourself. Give yourself a chance to be a better version of yourself; healthier and stronger,” they said.

“Remember, if you want to achieve your goal you have to train regularly and don’t forget about having a well-balanced diet.”