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By Liana Jacob

CONCERNING images show beakers full of potentially deadly SULPHURIC ACID casually left behind in the classrooms of an abandoned school.

The enigmatic pictures show various rooms in the deserted so-called chemical school in the proximity to Birmingham, Alabama, USA, such as a neglected geography classroom where it still occupies a globe and seats and a photograph of yellow lockers covered in graffiti.

Other images include a small school library where shelves of books and other miscellaneous items remain in the desolated school, while another picture exposes dry chemicals that were thought to have been removed 10 years ago when the school closed.

Abandoned Southeast / mediadrumworld.com


The fascinating photographs were taken by Abandoned Southeast (32), from Amelia Island, Florida, USA, who became interested in photography while exploring abandoned locations a few years ago.

“After the school closed, the dry chemicals were supposed to be removed, however, they were not,” he said.

“There were several dozen glass jars left behind in the chemistry department, including sulfuric acid and ammonium nitrate; which can be extremely dangerous if improperly stored.

Abandoned Southeast / mediadrumworld.com


“I got the idea of this project while I was looking up old schools around central Alabama, where I grew up.

“This is an abandoned high school which was closed 10 years ago, after merging with another school. The school dates back to the early 20th century and could hold 2,000 students.”

The photos were taken by his Canon DSLR and a Tamron wide angle lens to achieve the final results.

Abandoned Southeast / mediadrumworld.com


While he did struggle to find some rooms unlocked, he also says that he had no issues during the shoot.

The chemicals left behind were removed in March 2017 after the school board discovered them.

“I decided that I wanted to preserve what I saw through photographs since many of the locations I visited were being demolished or renovated,” he said.

Abandoned Southeast / mediadrumworld.com


“I love to explore these old places to check out the architecture and discover what may be left behind.

“Most people who see these pictures can’t believe the chemicals are left behind but enjoy looking back at a place they once knew. I want others to see the beauty in these old buildings.

Abandoned Southeast / mediadrumworld.com

“Besides the chemicals, the school was filled with books, equipment and furniture; likely stored there after it was shut down.”

The exact location has been kept secret for fear of creating chaos in that neighbourhood from people trying to get inside.