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By Liana Jacob

MEET the proud transgender woman who turned to prostitution to help her pay for £90k worth of surgeries.

Victoria Guardiola, 27, from Castellon, Spain, was a young boy called Victor when she started to realise that something about her appearance wasn’t right. She took the brave decision to begin hormonal treatments when she was just 17, changing her name to Victoria before they began.

Victoria Guardiola /


By March 2010, four years after she had started treatment, she was ready to undergo her first major surgery, a vaginoplasty. However, the procedure cost a whopping £14k and Victoria, young and desperate for the money, turned to prostitution in order to pay for it.

“I have had to pay one-hundred thousand euros for my surgeries until now,” Victoria, who also goes by the name ‘The Tranny Doll’, said.

“I started my process at seventeen and, because of hormonal issues, I could not operate until I was twenty-one. So I had to save a lot of money.

Victoria Guardiola /


“I have been working as a prostitute since I was nineteen, and still am today to afford my different surgeries.

“I feel good about prostituting because I am earning enough; the truth is, it’s not the only option I have.

“Although it is difficult to get a regular job in this society I am at a time in my life where I have discovered that I do not want a ‘normal’ job. I am used to prostitution.

Victoria Guardiola /


“I consider myself a fighter within this cruel and unbecoming society. I was only very small, but I already knew that something inside me was not right.”

The vaginoplasty surgery lasted eight hours and was followed by several visits to psychologists, as well as endocrine and hormonal treatments.

“The truth is that I never wanted to specifically look like a ‘doll’. It’s simply that the surgery was left me with a very doll-style appearance, and I liked it,” she said.

Victoria Guardiola /


“I felt very nervous before the operation, but I had to do it because I was born with it and it is something that cannot be chosen. I didn’t have any fear.

“I liked very much to see myself like that and I wanted more; I always had a love of very exaggerated beauty.

“While I feel good about myself, I am more rejected by society and more criticised in general, but even good envy is very bad.

Victoria Guardiola /


“I am delighted to finally be who I am, and I credit my parents for supporting me. Even though they do not like surgery and artificial beauty, they are my parents and they love and accept me the way I am.

“The problem is that society rejects people like me in all of my decisions. We have to be fighters to achieve our dreams and to not think about what others will say.”

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