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By Rebecca Drew

MEET the confident British plus size model who is showing that big is beautiful after haters told her to cover up.

At a curvaceous size 22-24, customer advisor, Alexandra Gibb (27) from Peterborough, UK, hopes to be an inspiration to other plus size girls, showing that you don’t have to prescribe to a particular body shape or size to be happy and beautiful.

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Alexandra shares pictures of her outfits on social media daily and takes inspiration from her plus size idols like Tess Holliday, Ashley Graham and Chrissy Metz but insists that she wasn’t always oozing body confidence and would cover her arms and legs, never dreaming of wearing bright prints and patterns.

“I have an Instagram account where I post my outfits of the day on. These are daily posts in different plus size outfits from different stores to give other plus size women and girls inspiration of clothes that they can wear,” she said.

“I also enter plus size pageants and post my photos from attending and competing in them for others to see.

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“Doing pageants was my biggest confidence boost and think that everyone should enter at least once on their lifetime.

“The plus size industry is definitely getting more coverage than what it was in the past. People like Tess Holliday, Ashley Graham, Chrissy Metz and Gabi Fresh are all now more well known.

“I think that curves should be embraced and celebrated. It’s good to finally start seeing adverts on tv, in papers and online with models that are over a size fourteen.

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“Also, I love that shops like River Island, HM, Primark and Quiz all now have plus size ranges too.

“A few years ago, you would never have seen me leaving the house without my arm and legs covered.

“I used to hate my arms and legs I have eczema and I don’t think it looks very pretty. Scared of what other people would say, I would cover them, it could have been the middle of summer and I would go out in leggings and a long sleeved top or hoody so that people couldn’t see.

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“I would also always wear dark colours as I never had the confidence to go out in prints and colours.”

Alexandra has taken part in Miss British Beauty Curve and Miss Voluptuous UK and has taken part in fashion shows and an anti-bullying photoshoot and keeps active at work and walking her two dogs, she explained that learning to love her body wasn’t easy.

“Everyone has their up and down days. When I started out I had more down days than up. I would doubt myself, I was afraid of the looks and comments I would get off people.

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“I have had times when people have told me that I shouldn’t be wearing a certain item of clothing because it’s not made for people my size. I’ve had people tell me that I shouldn’t share photos of myself because it makes them feel sick.

“I look like I’m constantly pregnant and I’ve had people say that I should cover-up because they don’t want to see my fat flying around everywhere.

“Obviously you’re going to have a few negative comments, but I don’t read them, I instantly delete, ignore and block these people from my life.

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“Life is short, and I have no time for negativity in it. Most of my comments on my posts are positive, I will have people say to me that they wish they had my confidence, they are proud of me and that I am an inspiration to them.

“Even if I have a positive effect on one person I know that my journey and posts are worth it.

“Nobody should be ashamed or embarrassed to show off their bodies we are all unique, nobody in this world is perfect.

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“We all have our flaws, we have just got to learn to love them, they are part of who you are. We are all our own kind of perfect there is no such thing as perfection.

“Everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes. “

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